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Inspirational Quotes About Life

“Sometimes the only thing that heals the heart is a glimpse of inspirational quotes about life.” Your IQ is more important than your IQ. Confused? Let me explain this. Your inspired quotient is more important than your intelligence quotient. Because… Continue Reading →

How to Live in the Moment

Knowing how to live in the moment and actually living in the present is an art. But it doesn’t imply that learning how to live in the moment is difficult. Only a few steps and your love for the present… Continue Reading →

How Dugdug Learnt to Live in the Moment

This story teaches a vanishing art, an art to live in the moment and enjoy every second of life. Let’s see how Dugdug learnt to live in the moment. It was Dugdug’s birthday, the day whose countdown begins after the… Continue Reading →

Ensure Never Saying Again I am Confused

You know the desperation you feel when you throw your hands in the air in surrender and yell “I am confused.” You feel helpless because you don’t know how to ensure never saying again I am confused. Also what you… Continue Reading →

15 Ways to Build More Self Confidence

Building self confidence needs no scientific procedure or a series of experiments. A child can teach you how to be more confident. And he is our own Dugdug and he is teaching the lesson of confidence. Dugdug was watching an… Continue Reading →

How to Build New Habits

Habits are not only a routine but your way to success. Behind every success and fulfilled dream there are habits rocked by consistency and perseverance. The habit of switching off the TV, putting aside your phone, returning to your desk… Continue Reading →

50 Success Quotes to Make Success Your Reality

Your current situation could be anything, poverty, misery, failure or hopeless. But it doesn’t mean that success can’t be your reality. Many legends have created success from poverty and tough circumstances and you too. Wise words of successful people have… Continue Reading →

6 Reasons We Fail in Life

If failing didn’t exist, the colours of success won’t be vibrant.” Failure is sad and bad. It’s the truth we don’t want to witness. And the first step of avoiding failure is to know the reason we fail. Knowing the… Continue Reading →

10 Motivational Quotes to Inspire You

Fueling yourself with motivation is the first step to conquer your goals and achieve dreams. A mind full of motivation will fulfill your goals in any season. Motivation becomes the umbrella when sorrow hits, gives you warmth when you feel… Continue Reading →

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