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8 Fresh Success Secrets by Ants

When we forage to find the secret that will open our doors to success, we look at the giants. Our eyes are always behind the footprints of ‘A players’ to find what are the things they do to be successful…. Continue Reading →

Health Tips You Must Follow in Summers

When summers come, the sun is super excited. It showers upon us all its love without caring that it may roast us. We can’t avoid the sun and its hot love, but we can prevent us from burning. We understand… Continue Reading →

How to Follow Your Plan

Once in a week or a month, there comes a surge of energy within us to be productive and workaholic. This energy surge ends on paper in the form of a plan or a timetable. And the plan ends somewhere… Continue Reading →

How to Choose a Career after 12th Class?

The boards are gone and it is the form filling and entrance season for the students. You might be confused thinking How to Choose a Career after 12th Class? Still, amidst doubts, I would suggest you keep calm, read this… Continue Reading →

Pursue Dreams

Pursue dreams is an advice from Tara’s grandpa. It’s crafted with a magical touch by a magician. We all don’t have grandparents but Shine Infinite does not want you to be devoid of their wisdom. And, believe us your grandpa… Continue Reading →

Life lessons from ‘Overheard in a Dream.’

I bought the novel ‘Overheard in the Dream’ by Torey Hayden from a bookfair this January solely because of the word dream in the title. Dream, a word full of fascination. And true to its title the book is also… Continue Reading →

The Sleeping Saint

A Saint dreams about the solutions to all your problems. He is the famous ‘The Sleeping Saint’. Shine Infinite can help you in visiting him and getting answers to your problems like Akash did. We have already booked your tickets,… Continue Reading →

What is in the Name

Our name is our identity but does a funny name takes your respect? No. Dugdug wants to change his funny name but what his mother replies a thing to teach your kids too. Read the story and give your kids… Continue Reading →

Learn from Children

We are discussing a few things that we can learn from children. If learning from giants is daunting then try stealing qualities from children. They teach us to smile, help and work ethics. Why only sleep like a baby when… Continue Reading →

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