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How to Choose a Career after 12th Class?

How to Choose a Career after 12th Class?   The boards are gone and it is the form filling and entrance season for the students. You might be confused thinking How to Choose a Career after 12th Class? Still, amidst… Continue Reading →

Pursue Dreams

Pursue Dreams   “Will you come with me?” Tara’s grandpa asked. “Where grandpa.” “There is a magic show nearby. I am going there. You can come.” “Magic show,” annoyed Tara murmured. Obviously, a 21-year-old girl doesn’t get excited because of… Continue Reading →

Life lessons from ‘Overheard in a Dream.’

Life lessons from ‘Overheard in a Dream.’ I bought the novel ‘Overheard in the Dream’ by Torey Hayden from a bookfair this January solely because of the word dream in the title. Dream, a word full of fascination. And true… Continue Reading →

The Sleeping Saint

The Sleeping Saint     “Where were you Akash since a week?” Ritu asked. “Got a better job?” “No new job. I was in Kerela.” “Vacation, wow!” “No. I met a Saint there.” “I didn’t know you were into Saints… Continue Reading →

What is in the Name

What is in the Name It’s not the name but our character that is respected. Dugdug came home dancing because of the upcoming picnic organised by the school. “Mom I have made an entire list of food I will take… Continue Reading →

Learn from Children

Learn from Children “We will install Wi-Fi in our home soon,” my tech lover grandpa kept saying this. It was a treat for a middle-class family of ours. Though a headache for my mother. But before grandpa could connect our… Continue Reading →

Positivity Rules

Positivity Rules   My phone blinked, it was a message from my school friend Abhinav. “You coming to school?” It was our school’s alumni and we were meeting after a year. Though I wanted to send ‘sorry, I am busy’,… Continue Reading →

The Dugdug Theory

The Dugdug Theory   Everyone was congratulating Naina, the emperor of PowerPoint presentations for delivering another effective PPT. A few minutes later the colleagues went to their desks and Asha came near her. “Hey congrats, how do you do that?”… Continue Reading →

Time to Say ‘No’

Time to Say ‘No’ to     •    It’s time to say no to tiredness which is standing between you and your dreams. Stand against anything which limits you. •    It’s time to say no to the doubts… Continue Reading →

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