Thinking is human nature, it sets us higher than the animals and gives advantages. But overthinking is devilish. It is a devil and creates a world of demons around everyone suffering from it. A thinking mind can be productive but overthinking one is everything but not productive. overthinking eats life, creates new obstacles, limits your vision and fills every cell of your body with doubts. Upcoming 9 ways to stop overthinking forever will show you an escape from overthinking. Are you ready to say a final goodbye to overthinking?

9 Ways to Stop Overthinking Forever

Show your Astrology Degree if you are sure to fail

“I know this plan is not going to work.”

“This day is going to be another bad day.”

“I will never amount to anything.”

“This year will be the same stressful year.”

If these are the things you keep chanting to yourself then show us your astrology degree. Claim that you are right. Even astrologers predictions are proven false sometimes. How can you be so sure that everything will go wrong? Without any astrology skill, you are being certain about your failure.

Is this even logical?

– Okay, things might go in the undesired direction. You may fail. But there are chances that life may give you success. Your overthinking is chewing your success possibilities and not at all helping you to be successful.

– You can only move where your thoughts are directed. If you are feeling to go backward, there is no way your life will move forward. Change mind structure to change your life situation.

– If you can either fail or loose, then why rely only on failing?

Don’t run towards goal with one leg

Overthinking rips you in halves. You are divided into two selves, one being the present you and other is the ‘what if’ you. The present you is the half part that wants to live, the one who wants to grow, chase dreams, follow heart and smile. The ‘what if’ you are the sad one, dipped in hopeless possibilities which can show up in life.

With you divided in two, only the present one is able to run towards the goal, while the ‘what if’ is brooding. But when you run chasing your goal with half you, you have one leg. How will you reach your goal on time?

You will stumble a lot, it will be a long run and you will experience more hardships because of overthinking.

– Your overthinking is only separating you from your goals by making the path rocky.

– Be fully present for your goals and life. Half you imply half fulfilled goals, half-lived life. And it is a total loss.

– To meet the present you and complete it, rest rather than doing overthinking. Sleep and power naps will help you powering the present you and losing the ‘what if’ you.

Give no space for overthinking in mind

Your mind can do one thing at a time. It is primitive and hasn’t updated its features to do multitasking yet. This is the technique of 9 ways to stop overthinking forever, which will stop overthinking while not compromising productivity.

Fill your mind with actions so, that it has no space for overthinking to occupy.

– Do work. Even when you are indulged in overthinking, start working. Slowly your work will slide the overthinking away.

– During the initial hour of the day, give full focus to work. It is sometimes our laziness that makes us over think that we will fail.

– Do something tough or mind storming that instantly shift your mind from overthinking. A game of Sudoku will work. Also if you exercise while overthinking hits you, you will gain fitness while fighting to overthink.

Your control is limited to today only

Your reign of control is restrained to today only. You can’t control future, not only the tomorrow. This makes the overthinking for your future, upcoming months and next year futile. So, why waste the gold, the today we have in our hands.

The over thinking for a better future is not required, you only need to work on today. The hard work shredded today will make a better tomorrow.

– The moment you realise that you can’t control your life because life has its own rules, you will stop overthinking.

– Along with life, stop overthinking about people you can’t control. Leave them the way they are. Be happy in your own skin.

– One day you will realise that all over thinking you did and wasting your precious time for it was useless. You would overthink for your career when you were in school. But after college, everything will go smoothly. You worry about your marriage but you will find your spouse with ease. All overthinking is not required.

– Life has great surprises for you, remove the veil of overthinking and taste the life.

– You need not to make a plan and sort your whole life today. Just focus on the day in hand. Because day by day you will sort out your life.

– By overthinking you are worrying about your retirement plans while you are in a school. You find any use of it, do you?

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A Perfect life is a myth, choose a Happy life

Not each one of us gets their target right in lives. Sometimes we fumble, stumble and fall. Every successful person does mistakes. So does the failure one. And you didn’t do any crime by making some faults in life. Because life doesn’t mean to be perfect, but to be happy.

– Your past mistakes will take you to a brilliant future. And that road has no stop for overthinking.

You think over thinking is clearing your vision

The urge to overthink lies because we think it will help us in getting a broader insight and clear our vision. But the result of overthinking is only confusion and self-doubt.

Overthinking weakens the decision taking power. You feel that recalling all your factors again, once you have fixed your decision is good. But overthinking will only give you mess. Mess in mind will land you in a messed life.

– Watch your thoughts. Don’t let any intruder enter your mind, use the technique of 3R’s.

– You are wrong if you say you can’t filter your thoughts. Try, you will succeed.

– For clearing your vision think on paper. Write your thoughts on a paper. Writing gives a better perspective.

– You can always change the shape of your life. No decision is a matter of life and death. No obstacle is a matter of win or loss. Stop overemphasizing in each area of life.

– You won’t even remember your past mistakes guilt, doubts five years from now. Just chill and move on.

Delay the overthinking

Our delaying nature towards work will save us from overthinking. This way of 9 ways to stop overthinking forever is simple, delay overthinking.

– Delay it from morning to afternoon, afternoon to evening, and evening to night. But never overthink before you sleep. It will engrave negative thoughts deep in your mind.

– Instead, before you sleep, affirm ‘I think positive thoughts’, ‘I control my thoughts’. This will not only delay but finish overthinking.

– Do meditation to delay overthinking from later to never.

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Is wasting 60k Life-changing ideas wise?

What would you call a person who wastes 60k of ideas daily? These ideas which have the potential of changing that person’s life are ignored.

You and I will call him stupid. Right?

On an average, we think 60k thoughts daily. Every idea starts with a thought so, we can have 60k ideas that can shift our lives. Yet if we overthink, these 60k ideas will be similar to yesterday and mostly be destructive. Your overthinking is turning all ideas into toxicity.

Will you keep allowing this?

– Think new thoughts. One fresh thought per day is enough to make overthinking vanish.

– Will you keep thinking same 60k negative thoughts daily, feel pathetic and call it a life.

Is that a life?

All these 9 ways to stop overthinking forever start with a decision. A decision to stop overthinking and this decision will do the half of the job.


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