You know the desperation you feel when you throw your hands in the air in surrender and yell “I am confused.” You feel helpless because you don’t know how to ensure never saying again I am confused.

Also what you don’t know is that your yelling, desperation, anxiety, and hopelessness are actually the layer under which your growth lies. Peeling the layers is your only work. And the contentment which you will find after that will startle you. Shine infinite knows how you can peel the layers of confusion.

Ensure Never Saying Again I am Confused

Be 100% confused

Yes, it is to be 100% confused, there are no typos in it. To be clear, first, you have to be 100% or more confused. Know every possible way to find your suitable way.

– Research about your confusion, it’s what, how, when, what if etc. Run your mind to find out everything your mind produces.

-Yes, your career decision can land you nowhere, maybe your spouse will leave you, your family conditions could be worse or you can be bankrupt. Think from every angle.

– Write your confusions in a list. Add each possibility on the page and number them. It won’t take hours, start writing.

– See the numbers of confusion possibilities. It will be huge. First, give a pat of appreciation on your back. Because even if it is negative and destructive, realize that you can produce a large number of possibilities from a single thing.

And when you can turn a thing into multiple problems, can’t you turn it into positive solutions? Your heart said it right, yes you can.

– Then focus. One by one start ruling out baseless things. Like, your spouse will never leave you even if your career decision goes bad because he/she loves you. And you know that. Also, for the financial crisis, you can find a way.

– After this step, you would be cutting out 70% to 90% of your confusion. And for the rest, your mind will help you. When you can think 100% confusion, finding 10 to 30% of clarity is easier.

Avoid mixing the deadly trio-Indecision, overthinking and inaction

The combination of indecision, overthinking and inaction is lethal to life and a reason you keep murmuring “I am confused”. If you give you a single dose of any one of these, then it is sufficient to be toxic. No one can imagine the effect of the deadly trio.

Cancerous? It could be even worse.

– Think some but do wholesome: Don’t think for hours and do work for minutes. Flip your work clock. Think less, do more, be the worker because only thinking will usher you nowhere.

-Occupy your mind with work and dreams, have no space for confusion.

-To solve confusion about decisions decides soon. Sometimes delaying decisions does not make them fruitful but weak. Sometimes delay kill the decisions.

-Your doing nothing is also a decision. Decide to do. When work is what your eyes focus on, you will forget what being confused feels. Your saying “I am confused” will disappear.

– Lying motionless on the sofa, running your thoughts knowing that they will not help you, can never solve your confusion. Take the steerwheel of life in hands.

-Confusion blooms when your focus is in the future. Be here, in the present. Do what you are present demands from you. It knows how to clear your mind.

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Washing clothes can give you the solution

You don’t really need to be confused all the time till you find your solution. Taking a break from your confusion zone and entering normal daily routine will present your solution at the unexpected times.

-I get writing ideas sometimes while washing clothes being far away from ink and paper. Give your mind the calmness by stepping out of the confusion. It will give you the solution itself.

-Go after your hobby, do gardening, read a biography (knowing that people have tackled confusion will give you deeper insight to clear it) or you can hit the washroom. Be away from confusion and near the solution.

-The best way is to clean and organize your wardrobe or kitchen shelf. And, while you take the confusion break smile because your confusion will end soon.

Cook your confusion

Burn the flame of cooking skills when confusion enters your head. And of course, making noodles would also work. You do not have to be a chef.

-The food will slowly arrest you in its scent and make you forget your confusion. When this happens, live there. When your food gets cooked and ready to be served, look at it and think that you will too gain a delicious solution to your problem. And, if your food gets burnt, how about thinking that you have burnt your confusion?

Let life unfold itself

Would you get anything in its heart if you keeping peeling out the cabbage? I know you won’t. Because the cabbage’s specialty is in its cover, in its leaves itself, there is nothing to take out and obtain.

-Similarly, you don’t have to remove all the layers of life in an instant. The real fun is that life will itself reveal surprises for you. And even if it does not, even if the life remains confused, it’s good. Because like the cabbage has its core in its leaves, your life has fun in the confusion and chaos.

-You would get nothing except hopelessness and vacuum if you want to settle all your life in one go. Settle your present, solve your latest confusions. If you arrest your mind with what you will do if anything goes wrong tomorrow, you are deceiving your today. And it’s not how to live.

– Own your life but with freedom. Be the one who coasts your life through the confusion but let life present the solutions it has for you.

– There is no decision as final or a matter of life and death. You say ‘I am confused’ because you feel that you won’t be able to change your decision later. Life is about flexibility. Do your best and if something is not up to the mark you can fix it later. There is nothing like being perfect, being at peace is the essence of life.

-Your bad experience is a good one too if you take it as a learning step. Fill life with contentment that whatever happened is for good, do not burn life in confusion.

Meet the Experts

When someone gives you an opportunity to talk and discuss, there is no scope of confusion left.

Talk to the mirror: You know yourself the best, so why not seek your advice, the expert advice.

– Be in front of the mirror and give voice to your thoughts. Talking and framing your confusion in words gives you a deeper meaning of your thoughts. And when you realize what you mean, the answer lies right there.

– Talk to some friends or family who can add a new and a different perspective to your confusion. Because when someone sheds light on your opinion, you get to see from a view you were unaware of.

Pour your heart on the paper

When confusion turns into ink on paper, clarity breeds in manifolds.

-Begin a habit of writing your confusion and pouring every inch of heart on the paper. Write the advantages, disadvantages, situation that you would face if you do that and if you don’t. After writing that start pondering how you can overcome your problems. Think because wasting life in “I am confused” zone is not healthy.

-Writing will give you a filter. It would make you realize that the confusion your mind has, has an easy solution.

Be superhero: Focus on strength

Let’s give you a choice. In your life, you have three choices, three roads and you can opt for any one of them.

– The first one is 40% made, it is rocky, and there is no chance of having a comfortable walk over it.

– The next one is 60% made. The obstacles are lesser, yet it’s not a choice you would love to make.

– The road which is 90% made is also there. Indeed it would be a good choice.

On which road you will be most confident to walk on?

I am confused. which road you choose

The 90% one, the perfect choice

-We will take the road which is well constructed but not focus on strengths. Your strengths are the 90% made road and weakness the 40% road.

By working only 10% on your strengths you can win. So why are you confused between choosing your strength and weakness? Why choose weakness and work more?

-Choose the thing you are good at, work less and achieve more. There should be no confusion.

You can’t be the Google

You are a human. It’s not a new truth, of course, but the thing we do forget. We can’t know everything, we are not the Google. Stop punishing you if your knowledge is limited. You can’t drink the infinite sea of knowledge. It’s impossible.

– It’s obvious and okay to be confused and say “I am confused.” It shows you are a human, not a robot.

– Accept you are confused. Don’t run from the feeling of being confused. Your denial won’t help you.

-Your life is a sea of happiness and the confusion  a bucket of despair. Choose wisely amongst the two.

Crush the fear factor

Maybe you are prattling ‘I am confused’ because your fears can become real by your decision.

-Quite possibly, you can face your fears if your decision goes wrong. But dear dreamer you can’t run from your fears. They will encounter you if not today then tomorrow.

-The thing that is in your hand is to face your fears and crush them forever. And if your decision goes wrong (which will not), you can change it later. You have nothing, nothing to lose.

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Trust the universe

The centre over which life revolves is trust. Trusting life, God, the universe, whatever you name the divine force that you will make your way out of the confusion is very important.

– Sometimes when nothing works, the belief finds the ray which leads you back to life.

Use the secret and the law of attraction while being in bed, waiting to slide in sleep mode, affirm and thank life. Say thanks for providing you with the perfect solution to your problem.

-It could be tough because you haven’t got any solution yet. And to thank the thing you don’t have can look crazy. But that’s the way. When you believe you have it, life makes sure you have it.

-Also, feeling bad will make you only miserable. The belief will uplift you.

Is that Important?

Ask your thoughts some questions. When you question your strength and chance of winning, you can also question confused thoughts.

Ask your confused thoughts the following question. And yes, it’s important for you to have a confused mind solution and stop your “I am confused” rap.

  • Is this thought important?
  • Am I wasting my energy by focusing on it?
  • Is this even possible?
  • Can’t I overcome it?
  • Am I not strong enough to fight the worst circumstances?
  • Can’t I find a solution to my problems?

Now let me ask you a question.

Do you get confused thinking what would you do if aliens attack you?

No, the thought is stupid. It’s absurd to be confused thinking about how to tackle an alien.

And when you will observe your thoughts and watch them carefully you will realize that some of them are absurd as the encounter with an alien.

Do what you want not society

If you look closely at your heart you will realize that you are confused because you think from society’s mind and fill you with confusion.

-Think about your dreams, they are a source of clarity in life.

-Thinking about society, going by the way everyone wants you to go is easier yet choose dreams. You won’t live your life if you ignore your heart. Not only your mind but whole life would become a mess, a giant confusion.

-When you do what you want, you might be confused today. But tomorrow you will find tools, clarity, and inspiration to go on.

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We know these ways will help you to ensure never saying again I am confused. You will throw hands in the air too, but with a joy of clarity.

We are sure that these ways will help you not because we have worked hard. Because while reading this, your heart will weave a plan to solve all your confusion. And it is you who will help you, not us.


It’s me Himanshi. I am just like you. Sometimes lazy, sometimes doubtful and always quirky. But it’s the dream that keeps me going. Books and life have given me a world of knowledge and through "" I am returning what I received. Thinker by Heart, Writer by Soul.


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