This story teaches a vanishing art, an art to live in the moment and enjoy every second of life. Let’s see how Dugdug learnt to live in the moment.


It was Dugdug’s birthday, the day whose countdown begins after the next day of the birthday. It was hard for Dugdug to manage the journey of 364 days to his that year’s birthday, but he did for Moomoo’s ice cream.

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Moomoo, the cow was the ice cream queen of the Jungle. On the birthday of every member of the Jungle family, she made a special ice cream loaded with all flavours and nuts. For everyone, it was the most flavourful birthday gift.

Celebrations begin and the cake got cut. Dugdug denied eating it because he was waiting for Moomoo, or more precisely her ice cream. He asked his mom to distribute cake among all animals gathered there. He would only munch on the yummy ice cream.

Everyone got the cake, Sharpy the cat, Kisha the swan, Rambo the monkey and Moomoo too. She had arrived but without the ice cream.

“The milk got sour Dugdug,” she said with a dropping face. “Sorry I couldn’t prepare your ice cream.”

Dugdug was in tears. It was like getting a nicely packed gift but finding it empty when you opened it.

“But you should eat your cake.” She ate a spoon of cake. “Birthdays are about cakes, not ice cream.”

“Yes Dugdug, the cake is very nice, you should eat it. You will forget about ice cream.” Kisha somehow managed to say as her mouth was full of cake.

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“Okay, I don’t want to be sad on my birthday,” Dugdug replied.  “I want my cake.”

He glanced at the table, the cake plate had some crumbs of cake. In front of him were all his guests having the empty plate.

“The cake is gone too.” His face sank.

“Have it,” from the corner of his eyes he saw his mother having a piece of cake on a plate.

Dugdug smiled and all the children filled the room with claps. Moomoo was contented too.

Later that night Dugdug thanked his mother. “Love you mom for saving a cake piece for me. Thanks a lot.”

“Love you too baby”, she replied. “But I want you to learn a lesson on this birthday.

“Birthdays are for gift Mumma!,” Dugdug replied with a sparkle of surprise in his eyes.

She smiled, “This one would be a gift to you.”

Dugdug looked earnestly at her. The topic of gift always brings excitement to kids.

“Dugdug, present, the moment we’re living right now is most important, not the future. You neither enjoyed your cake cutting nor eating it because you were waiting for ice cream. And what happened.”

“I got no ice cream and neither enjoyed my favourite chocolate cake.”

“Exactly my point. The thing you have right now like you had the cake, is the best. The present moment is always the best. It is important to be in the moment. Remember baby that future would always be less flavourful than the present. Sometimes we waste our present waiting for something to happen. And at last neither it happens nor we have our present.”

“But mom you have saved the cake for me, you saved my present.”

“Yes, but I won’t be saving your present always. That’s impossible for someone else to do. Only you can save your present, your moment and your now. You have to be the brave one who ignores the future, no matter how good it looks, and enjoys the present.”

Dugdug reflected her words for a beat.

“I can do that mom, seems easier than studying maths.”

That was how Dugdug learnt to live in the moment and we know you too have. Cheers for that!

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