Habits are not only a routine but your way to success. Behind every success and fulfilled dream there are habits rocked by consistency and perseverance. The habit of switching off the TV, putting aside your phone, returning to your desk in solitude, all these make your success evident. Success is nothing but an act of following small habits daily over years. Being successful is easy, all you need to know is how to build new habits. Develop good habits and your habits will give you wings to reach the dream.

Let’s begin to know How to Build New Habits

How to build new habits

1) Analyse your daily routine:

If you don’t know what wrong habit you have, how could you change them? Know yourself to grow yourself.

-After an hour or two, watch and write your routine. Do it for 3-4 days.

This will give you gaps in time where you can fit in good habits. Also, you will have a list of habits you have to change.

2) How to Remove Old Habits:

It would be tough to transform your habits magically from wrong to good habits. A simple thing is to replace them.


a) Junk food with a fruit.

b) Snoozing alarm with dancing on that alarm tune to wake up with energy.

c) Sleeping early with waking up for your dreams.

d) Lying idle on the sofa with exercising.

e) Doing nothing with doing something.

– In every 11 months, each cell of our body is changed. Dead old cells are replaced by new lively cells. Your body does this change itself giving you a new body every year.

Do you still think if your body can be changed, you can replace your wrong habits? A small persistence and your belief will give you a new you.

3) One habit at a time

While building new habits and replacing the old ones, go one habit at a time. Focus on one target and aim precisely. If you focus on 5 habits all at once, you will do them with less inspiration. So, go with one habit but give your heart to it.

– Adopting 5-6 habits at a time is dreading. Take one and embrace it fully.

– Initially take small nibbles of habit. Read two pages of the book, do 10 pushups, wake up 15 minutes earlier. Go easy.

Going roughly in starting is not only tough but it kills motivation to go further.


4) Start acting instantly when decided

If your aim is to start losing procrastination and you decide to begin it from tomorrow or coming Monday, how will it help?

– Learning a habit by delaying it won’t help. You can’t beat laziness by delaying it.

– Your decision to adopt a new habit has magic, the magic to turn your dreams real. And you kill the magic by putting off the habits for later.

– Perform deed small or big. But do perform after making your decision. It will infuse in you the motivation of doing more. Also, it will give thirst to do better than the previous attempt.

5) Skip rope not habits

If you love skipping then pick a rope, don’t skip habits which you are installing. Because skipping is a sure way to ruin the seed of habit before it is planted in you.

-Take a break, delay it for half an hour if tired, half the time of your actions but don’t skip performing the habit.

-Never skip going behind your habit for two continues days. It will break the pattern. When the pattern breaks habit fails and you too.

6) Two Steps- Plan and Act

There is no complicated or tiresome procedure of how to build new habits. The thing you need is to plan and act, simple yet deep.

– Remove the clutter of doubts, questions, and fears. Jump with actions directly on the plan you made.

– We will think about the outcomes later. The initial step of habit building is working towards it, not fear that you will fail.

– Start with the stumble or being smart. Begin the plan of habit building. Starting is the biggest execution.

7) Habit doesn’t need a Lifetime

The habit needs your little consistency, not your lifetime. If you want a new habit or breaking an old one only pour a bit of perseverance.

– Only if you work towards your habit for a week, a pattern is set in your mind. The pattern is the king of finding how to build new habits.

– The pattern acts as a base over which you easily build your habit. Your pattern will give you the motivation to go more.

– The bonus of working towards your dreams even if it small is assurance that it is possible.

8) How to use Science to Build a Habit

Scientists have given an effective way to build new habits. It’s not tough like any equation, follow only three steps and success is yours.

Author of ‘The Power of Habit‘ Charles Duhigg gave a 3 step way to habit building.

Every habit is a loop involving three things, cue (trigger), habit, reward.

For example-

When early in the morning your alarm hits you, you have a cue, the snooze. It triggers you to swipe the screen to snooze it. Once you do it, it becomes your habit. And your reward is big, more time on the bed, hugging the sleep.

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But you can change your cue to transform your habits.

If you want to wake up early, you can shift your cue. Alarm tone of a song that inspires you, at night place your running shoe near your bed or place the book you want to read on the side table.

Play with the cues, once you find the suitable trigger the new habit will be your second skin.

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Reward yourself:

Once the habit sets in. Get your favourite cupcakes and enjoy the process of growing. Rewarding is as important as learning how to build new habits.

9) Ready to sacrifice success?

Successful people give habits the crown of their achievement. You can learn from them and accept good habits. But would you fail knowing that you could change your habits and win but you didn’t?

Habits are the seed which blooms the flowers of success. Plant them today and cherish whole life.

Doing nothing is also an action. The habit of laziness diminishes your success rate. A wrong habit is dangerous so is the absence of right habit. Don’t delay start now.

10) Find the heart among habits

From all the desired habits there is one habit that is the heart of them.  It is one habit that would dominate your habit list. Find the heart among habits and follow it. The rewards will be huge.

How to find the heart habit amongst habits?

Suppose your habit list is a) exercise, b) reading, c) spend the time to family, d) eat healthy, e) get up early.

The heart among habits is to wake up early. The habit alone will give you time and pattern to do everything else. Use this technique and find the heart among habits, it will be your heart of the success. It is certainly the heart of embracing how to build new habits.

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11) Say you are already doing it

Affirmations take half of our load if you back them with belief. Few words won’t harm. Right?

– If you are not good at getting up early because everyone in your family is not, say “I wake up early and I am comfortable in getting up early.”

– If exercising makes you nauseous and tired, affirm “Exercises are giving me energy.”

– Say you have it and it will be yours. Because success is a mindset, not a destination.

12) Make your Habit Chart

 This is the last way of finding how to build new habits and the easiest one. If you want to know ways how to learn any new thing, get a glimpse of your childhood.

In childhood, we had a chart of habits to adopt like brush teeth and bath daily, respect elders, etc. To teach children this, the teachers repeat it and soon the habit is adopted.

– Habit looks tough only from far when you go near, they become easy to do and when you hug them they become a part of you.

– Make a habit chart and list everything you want to install. Keep it in front of your eyes and witness building habits.

That’s a wrap up for how to build new habits and a beginning for your new habits.

Success is your right if you build all the habits that are right.

Learn how to build new habits and see the stars of success sparkling over you.


It’s me Himanshi. I am just like you. Sometimes lazy, sometimes doubtful and always quirky. But it’s the dream that keeps me going. Books and life have given me a world of knowledge and through "shineinfinite.in" I am returning what I received. Thinker by Heart, Writer by Soul.


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