We all hear people saying, ‘ I can’t control my anger; it’s the way I am.’ People don’t consider being angry a problem because either it’s a part of their personality or a result of their genes. But it’s not a part of you; neither you need to carry the burden if all your ancestors were the angry pressure cooker. You can still be the calm ice. To know how to control anger is a must if you want to live because anger causes mistakes, mistakes cause stress, stress causes more anger, all this cuts your life. So, to live life dive into how to control anger: 8 easy tips.

How to Control Anger

How to control anger

1). Say ‘Waits up’ more than ‘Get lost’

Yes, yelling “Get lost” to a friend or your spouse when you are an angry bird is obvious. But if you switch to saying “Waits up”, you will realise that you can easily follow how to control anger tips.

Take a break if the argument is becoming a volcano. To know how to control anger, first, know where to take a step back.

2). Don’t carry the anger bag-pack

You get angry at the situation or people but there is no point of taking the anger with you after coming out of the anger zone. You don’t need to carry it everywhere you go.

If you are doing it then it is like carrying equal amounts of Oxygen and Carbon dioxide with you. Life is giving you a chance to forget the anger but you are sticking with it. In the end, the thing you support wins. And it’s mostly anger.

Carry smiles. They boost life, there are like carrying an extra ounce of oxygen with you while anger is a drum full of carbon dioxide. It’s harmful.

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3). Keep word watch handy

Your tongue might be shut for others but in your mind, you always keep talking. Sometimes it’s nagging for mistakes or a continuous nonsense blabbering. In any case, pick out your word watch to see what conversation you are having with yourself. Because if the conversation is not constructive, you will soon find you getting angry.

Every hour for a minute watch your words. See what are you talking and stop where things don’t feel nice to hear. Cutting your sleeping, eating and excuses time, setting a word watch will almost require 10 minutes a day. You can spare 10 minutes, no excuses, please!

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4). A loud voice doesn’t make you right

You have a point, a valid one. The person in the opposing view speaks to make prove his point and you go one step ahead by screaming your view aloud. But does it work? You know it doesn’t.

The same disagreement can be solved without any screaming match and shouts if you opt for peace. Be the white flag holder; speak softly. In gentleness lies the greatest strength.

5). Search why you got angry?

In spite of knowing how to control anger, not always you will be able to do so, especially in the beginning. But a little persistence will pay in the long run.

After showering your anger rain on anyone or on you take some time alone and find out the reason for the argument.

Ask yourself

  • Was your getting angry the right way?
  • Could you carry off that situation in a graceful way?
  • Why you reacted like that?
  • What will be your strategy for the next similar moment?

Answer these questions and you will know how to control anger the next time your mind gets boiling.

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6). Let nature rescue you

Nature walks are the best when you want to analyze your angry attitude. But they can also support you when you are not angry.

Go for walks, spend time in the garden, meditating or simply relaxing. Nature will give you the calmness you need at the time of anger. You have to be calm not only at the time of anger but also at most of the time. Because where you will put focus it will grow stronger. Get your focus to calmness.

7). Judge less, understand more

Okay, it’s not your mistake. The other person, life or your parents are at fault but still it is an option to be angry, not the only choice.

You do mistakes and you say, “It happens”. Use the same attitude with others because mistakes do happen. Don’t be the judge but be a friend. You are not here to list the mistakes of others, be more than a nagging aunty.

8). Double the happiness

What is the opposite of angry? Relaxed, right? But happiness would be even better. If you can’t half your anger then why not double your happiness? Doing this you’ll ace at finding how to control anger.

To every situation of anger find two more of happiness. Create happiness if you can’t find it by doing what you love. Start writing anger situations and happiness one in half of the ratio. For getting angry at the shopkeeper be gentle to two other people.

Once you finish the page of the list, you will realise anger does get halved and it’s easy.

These were How to control anger: 8 easy tips. Life is not in your hands, under your control but anger is. You just have to decide that you will pick the remote control and act.

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