How to Find More Time

“Sorry I couldn’t get time” is a common excuse for us. But would this excuse be valid if we are compromising on our dreams? Certainly not. To find more time is something we all search and here we will tell you how.

1) Monitor the Time Leakage:

Analyse where are the leakages of time in your day, the things chewing your time. Smartphones will be on the top for most of us. The smaller devils would be TV, sleep, gossips etc.

For one day see how’s your day going and then make a plan.

Eg: If you are finding that after every ten minutes you are using your phone, then fix ten minutes only for your phone. Your phone time will only be phone time but also make work time for work only.

And yes, to monitor your time don’t use any smartphone application or online program. One notification on your phone and the devil will eat another hour.

Use pen & paper and after every hour or two write what you have done to your time. You will notice the gaps where you can find more time.

2) Brake on Breaks:

The biggest time stealers are the breaks or our so-called power naps. They are beneficial if limited. But the break of 15 minutes is stretched to 1.5 hours and a power nap ends in deep sleep.

The sure way to have more time could be thus applying brakes on your break time. Fix 15 minutes to 15 only and power nap to just a nap.

And if you have decided to resume your work at 4 P.M and you reach workplace at 4:10 P.M,  then don’t wait for 5 P.M to start the work. Wasting 10 minutes is better than ruining an hour.

3) Take Fewer Chill pills:

After returning to home don’t lie on sofa or bed if you want to be the king of your actions. Instead, rest a bit and enter the work zone. It might be tiring for initial days but as the habit sets in you, you will love the extra time you have. So, decrease your chilling time and use it for filling life with productivity.

4) Capture the Day:

If you waste today, you will have tomorrow,  then a day after tomorrow and so on. Still, would you find today again? Tomorrows will appear but if you disrespect your today how can you honour tomorrow? How could wasting today and hoping you will work tomorrow work?

Time keeps on coming but the same date never returns. The date which can mark your victory could come tomorrow but why not captured the day and make it today?

5) Schedules are Superman

For stealing some more time schedules acts like Superman. Plan your day  & schedule limited breaks and time for hobbies. Give your body a rhythm to follow and hormones a routine to act. If one day you are waking at 4 a.m and another day at 10 a.m then hormones will be confused and leave you tired. Scheduling will give you blocks of time where you can work and conquer laziness.

Another thing to make more time available to you would be to decrease sleep quota using How to leave your bed in the morning


1) Figure out where time is leaking and fix it by actions.

2) Apply brake on breaks to work more and restless.

3) Choose Study table over the sofa.

4) Today is better than any special day you will get tomorrow.

5) Give you a plan to act and hormones a routine to work.


It’s me Himanshi. I am just like you. Sometimes lazy, sometimes doubtful and always quirky. But it’s the dream that keeps me going. Books and life have given me a world of knowledge and through "" I am returning what I received. Thinker by Heart, Writer by Soul.


  1. Your article is based on real things. This article touched my heart.

  2. It seems that this article is based on my daily routines 🤔. Btw, your writing skill is just awesome

  3. Wow,dis will help me alot and thanks for writing dis helpful article specially for me.I will sure trying to apply these points on my daily schedule and find out where d tym is leaking.

  4. wow.. amazing blog. I’ll follow your site. keep posting such blasting stuff

  5. Ruby Gautam Reply

    Screenshots taken of evvery point,, i will write it on a paper n definitely….it will be on my wall…..
    Great job my friend😊😊

  6. I like your post. I am a busy mum working from home with everything what it comes – such as looking after the house, cooking etc..I have a passion for writing and I’ve started my own blog recently. My days start sometimes at 5am so I can fit everything I need into my day. I sleep 7 hours so that makes me happy too. Time management is a key to get things done and your insights are indeed useful. Take care.

    • Himanshi Reply

      Thanks Petra for your appreciations. Keep spreading inspiring words ☺️

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