I bought the novel ‘Overheard in a Dream’ by Torey Hayden from a bookfair this January solely because of the word dream in the title. Dream, a word full of fascination. And true to its title the book is also full of dreams, full of fascination.

We are all busy and to read a complete novel is sometimes impossible. Shine Infinite is bringing life lessons from this novel in a crisp form for you.
Torey Haydon teaches some brilliant life lessons in the book and here are those:

Life Lessons from ‘Overheard in a Dream.’

• You are only tired because you let your body rule your mind.

A true statement, sometimes we assume that we are tired because our body indicates it. But if in mind we continue repeating that we still have energy, then we can gain some more energy from the never-ending energy source. And this resource is us.

• Being brave doesn’t imply that you can’t be frightened.

When Loki told Torgan that she was not brave but frightened. Torgan replied that bravery felt like that.

Don’t think you are not brave because you get frightened. Frightening is not the antonym of bravery. Instead, to first fight your fears and then show your bravery is the true mark of a brave person.

• Even the best chances are worthless if you lack passion.

So true was the author when she said that best chances are useless when there is no passion. If you lack the flame of passion even having the best opportunities yields nothing.

Passion can make an average looking chance into a life-changing one. Passion is more significant than the opportunity.

The lesson for the readers are over but wait here if you are a writer.

Writing lessons from the novel ‘Overheard in a Dream.’

• Don’t tame imagination.
When you are writing a novel or planning for a script, don’t restrict your imagination. Don’t settle for limited creativity. Never choose only those thoughts that appear realistic.
Writing doesn’t necessarily have to be real or relatable. If you are having a wild imagination then pave the project in a wild manner. Don’t worry it would work because imagination is never futile.

The author Torey Hayden has created a great world with Torgan. Even when the character is different yet the story is wow.
So, don’t tame your imagination, follow the path your creativity shows.

• Control the clues given.

Author has been a good controller of supply of clues throughout the book. She doesn’t provide a huge clue at a time instead she gave slight hints at every chapter of the book. This keeps the reader’s interest intact and leaves her flabbergasted at the unravelling of the story. Also, this gives readers a pinch that she knew everything but still she couldn’t join the dots.
Control the clues given in your book to trap the readability of your writing.

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• Think, imagine and dream:

The reason why author Laura in the book created a life out of Torgan is because of her vivid imagination.

Think, imagine and dream about your characters, situations, and plot of your writing. Don’t fill your mind with the book only when you are writing. Walk with your characters, eat with your plot, live with your book.

• Dose of detailing

Provide to your characters and places adequate dose of detailing for readable and vivid writing material.
The author has created the history of characters and presented in a readable way. When you feel that you are adding unnecessary details, wait for a moment to think.
Any extra seeming detail could be something that captures the focus of readers.
Also, if you are planning to make a series or sequel to the novel, dose of detailing would help the readers connect to your voice.
You will make the reader wonder in joy “Yes, I know this place.”

• Let reader’s imagination fly

The end of the novel ‘Overheard in a dream’ left me with roads of imagination going in opposite directions. I wanted to know more what happened to James, Morgana and others. But the only thing I had was me trying to fit what would be the possible fate of the characters.
To let reader’s imagination fly you must give gaps in the text. Leave destiny of some characters untold, don’t tell what happened to the villain and allow the reader to find a plausible way to the climax.

The readers feel the best when she is active in the reading. When book triggers her to use her imagination, she becomes an inseparable part of the journey of the book.

To keep the writing page-turning is an art. I hope these ways help you in mastering this art.


Life lessons from overheard in a dream
• You are only tired because you let your body rule your mind.

• Being brave doesn’t imply that you can’t be frightened.

• Even the best chances are worthless if you lack passion.

Writing lessons from overheard in a dream
• Don’t Tame imagination.

• Control the clues given.

• Think, imagine and dream.

• A dose of detailing.

• Let reader’s imagination fly.


It’s me Himanshi. I am just like you. Sometimes lazy, sometimes doubtful and always quirky. But it’s the dream that keeps me going. Books and life have given me a world of knowledge and through "shineinfinite.in" I am returning what I received. Thinker by Heart, Writer by Soul.


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