Let us compare life with the dish and discover its recipe. Be ready with all your ingredients and forget about the past blunders of wrong dishes. Come and start cooking fresh. Sometimes you will fail at taste or cooking skills, or the dish may be raw or overcooked. But the fun lies in breaking the old recipe and trying to making the dish best till it matches your taste. And that moment will dignify you as a chef, a life chef. Chef an artist, so passionate about his craft. A person so much to learn from. Be it his innovation of the recipe or freshness of taste. And is not it the essence of life to learn from great people and grow yourself. Let’s dive into the world of food, and it will make our life more flavourful.

Get Your Ingredients Right, for the Recipe of Life



Be greedy for ingredients and strive to collect everything you want. Take a bunch of Dreams, a liter of family and 2-3 kilograms of the sweet fruit of love. Take a few leaves of failure. It will make you humble and will not let you stop when you think you are at the top. Take one spoon of success, it can be more, but do not be overconfident about it. Take granules of money, according to your taste, but do not overdo it. Never forget to take friends to garnish your life and add freshness to it.


Take the bunch of dreams and cut it into fine pieces of hard work. It may leave some water, but this water is your sweat that will make your win glorious. Boil the family with the love fruit for about an hour, so that love gets deeply rooted in the family. And freeze them so that they fuse completely giving one entity. Cut the leaves of failure and add a spoonful of success and mix well. Spread granules of money on them.

C) Cooking:

Take all the ingredients and mix well. Cook them over low flame for all your life. If leaves of failure get dark, then add dreams along with a spoon of success to fade them. If your recipe becomes little bitter, then do not worry fruit of love will take care of it. Just keep all ingredients handy and be ready to balance the dish.

D) Servings:

This dish is best eaten alone, only with your company. Serve it while hot and always remember to garnish with friends to keep the freshness intact. In case the recipe becomes cold then increase the garnishing to maintain the taste. Be generous while garnishing, even its excess will uplift your taste.

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E) Dessert Time:

Always remember to make the dessert fresh as the love fruit tastes best when fresh. For having it make sure you have someone’s company with you. Cut the love fruit gently and serve chilled with a dash of friendship. Forget the formality of eating with the spoon and fork. Just keep it warm and close by using hands. Sharing will increase the sweetness of the dish so be sure to share it. To intensify the taste of love fruit, you can grow it in your house. Just give a water of care and manure of respect. Cut the weeds of ego frequently, and you will have the sweetest fruit, a fruit of love.

And remember Life’s Recipe for life is perfect and copying someone’s life’s recipe will not work for you. Just be original and innovative. Always be brave enough to take a risk in adding new ingredients or changing the techniques. Only innovation will give you a perfect recipe and keep you in the game. Be aware of innovations and try to use them. Never use them as a there replica, modify them as per your taste and preferences. Do not be disappointed if the recipe is not as tasteful as expected; no one gets it good at the first time. Just have in your mind your vision to complete your recipe.

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Many people die without finding the Life’s Recipe or knowing the faults of it. Be courageous to find the mistakes and to correct them too. Be determined and believe yourself that one day you will make your life as per your favorite recipe. And work towards decreasing the distance between that day and you. The day when you will find you.


It’s me Himanshi. I am just like you. Sometimes lazy, sometimes doubtful and always quirky. But it’s the dream that keeps me going. Books and life have given me a world of knowledge and through "shineinfinite.in" I am returning what I received. Thinker by Heart, Writer by Soul.


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