Positivity Rules

My phone blinked, it was a message from my school friend Abhinav.
“You coming to school?”
It was our school’s alumni and we were meeting after a year. Though I wanted to send ‘sorry, I am busy’, I typed yes. I don’t know why.

We met at the alumni. Abhinav was in black suit matching with mine. Our school was a bit changed yet so similar. We were given a form to fill and submit to the Alumni association. It was a feedback form dealing with things to improve in school.

“Vibhor where is your mind?” Abhinav asked.
“What happened?” I replied, eyes shifting from form to him.
“Look at your form.”

I have written my name in the company name’s slot and my company’s name in my name’s place.

“I am fine. Fine”

“Come with me.”
“Come with me.” He insisted.

We went to the staircase adjacent to our classroom and set on the stairs. Our discussion spot during school.
“Tell me, what’s the problem?” He said.
“Okay.” He took out his mobile and began scribbling on it, pretending to ignore me.

“Nothing is right in life. I am about to lost my job because I made a blunder in accounts sheet and if I don’t correct it in a week they will suspend me. We are planning to buy a three BHK but when Bank was interviewing me for house loan I became irritated with questions and poured my anger towards my boss on the interviewer. The loan is now cancelled. And…”

“Go on…”

“My parents were coming to meet us. My wife is angry over the house loan and I am not daring to call them now. My kids are sad because they dreamed of a new house.
My salary is halted due to my mistakes. My family is sad. Everything is wrong and so negative. Don’t know what to do.”

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“So much negativity”, Abhinav said.
“Okay, list it.”
“Just write it. Take your alumni form and on the back side write everything going wrong.”
“Write”. He said staring right into my eyes.
I wrote accounts sheet blunder, no home loan, kids upset, parents sad, salary late and wife angry.

“Okay, Good. Now right one thing that’s positive in your life.”

“Are you mad? You think I have one thing positive in my life?”

“Think Vibhor. Anything. A tiny thing or big, anything.
A colleague who is helpful or a book that is helping you. It could be anything. Even a friend who is advising you, whose name starts with ‘A’.”

His joke made me laugh.

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“Priya is really supporting even when she is a bit angry. I am lucky she is my wife.

“Okay. Write her name on right side of the page.”


“Now tell me, if you want to solve a maths problem and you have two options. First, you can use six formulae which won’t solve the question but complicate it. And you can use one formula which would solve it easily. What would you choose?”

“Obviously, one formula. I know you were dumb in maths since school”

“But now you are being dumb by choosing the other Vibhor.”

“Look at your list. How many things are in the negative list?”
“And in the Positive list?”

“What’s dominating Positive/Negative?”
“Negative”, I said with the sunk head realising his point.

“See you are choosing six negative formulas which won’t solve your problem, over the one which would solve everything smoothly.”

“You are right.”

“Even its one but if you focus on positive, it would rule over six negatives. Positivity rules. Think about the positivity in life and you will solve everything.”

“Thanks, that’s so helpful.”

“I have told you that your friend with the name starting with ‘A’ gives good advice.”

“I totally agree.”

I did what he advised. I started thinking about Priya and me being lucky because of her. I took her out for dinner and our relationship grew. Because I was happy I could see the loopholes in my balance sheet and I devised a formula by which that common mistake can be rectified forever. My salary got increased because of it. My loan was approved because positivity rules. My parents are arriving today in our new three BHK and I am inviting Abhinav too.

That’s the power of positivity. Even if there are 100 negative things, your life will be ruled by a single positive thing. You just have to find it and feel lucky because of it. Positivity rules over negativity.

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It’s me Himanshi. I am just like you. Sometimes lazy, sometimes doubtful and always quirky. But it’s the dream that keeps me going. Books and life have given me a world of knowledge and through "shineinfinite.in" I am returning what I received. Thinker by Heart, Writer by Soul.


  1. Dear author, you have explained very well by this story. Positivity rules over negativity like truth rules over lie. Thanks for helping me by your blog

  2. Thank u for inspiring with such a wonderful stories
    Nd its very true a single positive thing will help us to face 100’s of negative things

  3. Loved it. positivity seriously rules . Story is amazing. Deep thinking

  4. Very inspirational story it is. It is d right tym for me to read dis story coz m little upset. But now m charged up wd your positivity which u spread in my life.

  5. Got so much in life being negative.
    But I’ll to focus on my priya.

  6. Well written Post. I appreciate your efforts to write about positivity.

  7. rashi mudgal Reply

    it was so apt..i mean i hv never thought it in a different picture..u r truly amazing n inspiring..loved it to the core..just keep motivating the people around you dear

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