We are a pro at procrastination. The ways to stop procrastination do not work because we do not know how badly we should stop this corrosive habit. Dugdug came to your rescue with this. Let’s learn why we need to stop procrastinating with a child that without knowing the term, stopped procrastinating forever.  It’s a colourful story ‘Stop procrastination with Dugdug’. Smear the colours in your life too.

Stop Procrastination with Dugdug

Dugdug was in the well-maintained garden of his mother behind their house. With his trunk, he was plucking leaves to paste in his herbarium. It was a science project given to his class for the weekend.

“There should be no Sunday, every teacher gets mad at a holiday to give more homework,” he murmured as he threw the rose leaves in the basket.

The last leaf to be pasted was of the money plant. He was annoyed at it because of that name but no cash on it.

“Stupid plant.”

He curled a leaf in his trunk and pluck it out. There was a strange movement in the money plant’s leaves, Dugdug stepped back in shock.

“I hope it’s not a snake,” his eyes widened with fear at the possibility.

“It’s me Dugdug.” A head jut out from the green blanket of leaves.

With relief, Dugdug looked at it. It was Chinky, the chameleon.

“Preparing for your homework?”

“Yes”, Dugdug replied, breaths heavy with shock.

“Help my son for this. You know he just found out that he can change his colour and he is crazy because of it.”

Dugdug drummed his legs on the ground. First the homework and then that colour changing creature, no one wanted him to watch his cartoon.

“I hope he finishes before my cartoon get’s over,” Dugdug thought.

“I am fed up of him showing his colour transformation to girls to impress them,” Chinky said.

Dugdug gave a fast reply, “I will, but only if you don’t scare me like this.”

Chamaleon laughed. “I will make a move son. All the best.”

And he slithered through the grass and vanished.

Dugdug sighed as he couldn’t find the blue shirt with white dots which Chinky was wearing. After camouflaging with the grass it looked ghost-like a shirt walking over the grass. It was scary enough for Dugdug but impressive too.

Like any child, Dugdug was always fascinated by new things and wanted him to be like anyone he sees. The latest craze was, you can guess it now, the colour changing chameleon.

Dugdug was super excited with the way he changed his colour. So, he wanted in him the power of changing colours.

The demand reached his mother’s ears and she explained to him that he was already like a chameleon.

“But I am an elephant,” Dugdug replied in a confusion.

“Your mind is like a chameleon,” she replied.

“Like the chameleon, our mind changes colour with every emotion, every situation. The happy situations get happy colours like yellow, green, while the tears make our brain white. By changing your situations you can make your mind’s colour change. When you affirm you will never give up you change the white colour of hopelessness to the green colour of progress. And you know you can have a whole rainbow in your mind when your mind focuses on dreams. Your mind attains all colours and your emotions and life become colourful.”

Dugdug was impressed.

“And black? Is there any situation for it?”

“Yes, the black colour floods our mind when we delay our rainbow. When we know we should be going after our dreams but we don’t. A whole rainbow turns into black when you postpone or stop chasing your dreams. It’s just about the choice, rainbow or blackness? And then filling life with actions.”

Dugdug jumped, “I choose rainbow.”

“Go Dugdug now, finish your herbarium,” she asked Dugdug as the sun was going down.

He thought about something for a minute. “But Mumma can I go after my cartoon finishes?”

But after a second thought, his eyes sparkled, “Nah! To let rainbow be colourful and not black I’ll go now. No delay.”

His mother smiled with a pride. Her son was a fast learner.

Dugdug saved his colours and dreams even for a small task.

What will you choose?

Colours or blackness?

The herbarium was a small work. He could easily go after finishing watching his cartoon. But a good advice is powerful. Dugdug learnt to finish the task first and keeping the priority a priority. It’s your turn to be the chameleon and choose only happy colours for life.

“When you could paint your life, choose dreams, desires, smiles. Choose colours.” – Himanshi

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