In chemistry, there is a rule of thumb that like dissolves like. It means that only the liquids whose nature is alike will be soluble. And that’s why alcohol dissolves in water but not in oil, while two oils get mixed homogeneously. This can be used to understand the law of attraction. Whatever your thoughts project, you get the same thing in reality. According to the law of attraction, you attract all your poverty, misery and tears through shedding a voluntary or an unconscious desire to have them. This law can make you rich or a rag. See the power of the law of attraction and examples to use the secret. Be hopeful, if others have been benefited then you too can. Read to know the law of attraction, the secret explained with a story here.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of attraction explained with a story


Law of attraction is a universal law, applying to everyone and each one of us. It’s applicable to things, feelings, material, possessions, people, and life.

According to the ancient law of attraction, your life is the result of all the things you have attracted in it using this law. It doesn’t matter whether you understand or believe it or not, it’s always valid and will be forever.

Even if you won’t agree but when you are saying that you won’t ever overcome the poverty or you would always be a failure are inviting the undesired things in life.

Sometimes student fails in life not because they are dumb (as they believe) but because they use the law of attraction to fail.

When doubts to pass the exams enter in their mind, they water it with negativity, bad feelings, and no confidence. All this makes a tornado of feelings of failure. The student is unable to study and you can guess what happens.

The same student could envision passing the exam that gives good feelings to him which will help him to pass.

“You can attract anything, so why focus on undesired ones?” – Himanshi

So whether you use it or not, the law of attraction is playing its role. But when it has to work anyhow, why not use it embellish life and get a smile?

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A Short Story to Help you Use the Law of Attraction

Ditch the Medicine Box: My father had a thick history of diseases, diabetes, blood pressure, allergies and anything anyone can guess. There was always a medicine box in our house, on the table. I thought of it as a necessity in every house because as it surely was in ours. When I moved out to my house, I also got a similar medicine box and wrote in bold letters ‘Medicine Box’ with a red sketch pen. It was on the table similar to our house and whenever I enter the house, it was the first thing I saw.

In just two weeks I become addicted to it. Its use became a routine. Thick job pressure and tight money sources gave me severe headaches. I would open it and gulp a tablet the moment I return to home. The doctor found no medical ailment and suggested making my house happy and filling it with flowers. I bought a big rose bouquet while returning to the office, being confused where to place it. Opening the door I saw the box as the custom and I found the place to place my flowers.

I ditched the medicine box with doubts though and threw it in the store. And its use vanished like nail paint remover. Should I call it a miracle that I don’t use it anymore? In its place, there are flowers in my house always.

It’s been two years since I have never seen the medicine box again.

Answer it, if you were a sports coach would you give low nourished, stale food to your athletes in a hope that they would get a gold medal?

No, because your giving is not corresponding to your desires and you won’t receive it too.

You won’t do it with your team but you can do it with you. How can feeling poverty, failure, and negativity can ever give you prosperity, success freedom?

“Being a self-coach don’t ill-feed your soul and expect golden results.” – Himanshi

To get a tree of mangoes a farmer plants mango seeds only, to become an engineer a student does engineering only, to learn skating you buy skates not a basketball and to get married you have to say it publicly that you are ready for it.

Obvious? Yes.

Do we do it? Do we use the law of attraction?


Because to make a life of our dreams we don’t seed them because we are busy feeding the nightmares, to enjoy the good things in our life we have to observe them but we are locked in negativity. We want to buy happiness but not being aware that we are treasuring sadness somewhere. We want to go forward but are unwilling to leave the backward way.

You get traffic, blocked parking, unemployment using your mind. If you can get the things you don’t want within seconds, then you can get things you want too. Use the law of attraction to get desires, not fears.

Here you came across the law of attraction, the secret explained with a story. The use is as easy as reading, just begin.

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It’s me Himanshi. I am just like you. Sometimes lazy, sometimes doubtful and always quirky. But it’s the dream that keeps me going. Books and life have given me a world of knowledge and through "" I am returning what I received. Thinker by Heart, Writer by Soul.


  1. Here the medicine box includes so many meaning. if you are a patient then its a medicine box for you. If you are suffering from overthinking, then overthinking is a medicine box for you. If you are a person who always worries about everything happening in your life, then your worries are your medicine box. So, Throw your every type of medicine box.
    Great post, because I found it very useful.
    Thanks for sharing a beautiful story.

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