A Saint dreams about the solutions to all your problems. He is the famous ‘The Sleeping Saint’. Shine Infinite can help you in visiting him and getting answers to your problems like Akash did. We have already booked your tickets, come and join us.

The Sleeping Saint

“Where were you Akash since a week?” Ritu asked. “Got a better job?”

“No new job. I was in Kerela.”

“Vacation, wow!”

“No. I met a Saint there.”

“I didn’t know you were into Saints and all.”

“Me too,” Akash replied. “It was my mother behind all this.”

“Tell me more about your visit,” Ritu said resting her file on the desk.

There was still time for the office meeting and she could touch her religious cords till then.

“My mother is an ardent follower of this Saint. She was pestering me to meet him for months. So, I met ‘The Sleeping Saint’ last week.”

The Sleeping Saint?” Like sleeping beauty?”

“Yes exactly. He sleeps 22 hours per day.”


“Yes, 22.”

“And what he does in 2 hours when he is awake?”

“In the first hour he analysis what dreams he saw in the sleep regarding the questions of his followers and in other he answers the questions of his followers.”

“Wait, what’s the guarantee that he would see a dream. What if he doesn’t?”

“Don’t know but people say that he has been dreaming for 22 hours since 51 years.”

“What’s his age?”


“How he knows about the questions of followers?”

“He asks followers to write questions on paper and he read for 10 minutes before his sleep.”

“It means he sleeps for 21 hours and 50 minutes, not 22.” Ritu chuckled.
Akash laughed too.

“And what he sees in the dreams? Answers?”

“Yes, answers, solutions, path for a change etc.”

“I am seeing next follower right beside me.”

“Nothing like that! I am just repeating what I heard there.”

“So, you don’t believe him.”

“Not 100% but I liked his answers.”

“What did you ask?”

“Sorry, but I can’t tell you. We can’t disclose his precious wisdom to anyone. It’s a rule.”

“From when have you been following rules Akash?”

“Kidding.I asked him about finding the time, that I get so busy with office work, I can’t find any time to work towards anything else.”

“With anything else you meant Guitar. Right?”

“That’s why you are my BFF.”

“I thought you would be asking about your marriage.”

“You sound like my mother.”

“Okay! Okay! Tell me now what he replied.”

“Let me first sit on the chair and demonstrate like he did,” Akash said.

Akash sat on the chair, tried to fold his legs in lotus position as ‘The Sleepy Saint’ but his knees resisted. He somehow managed not falling from the chair. This left Ritu in a laugh.

“I will not waste much time in mimicking him. The meeting will start any moment.” Akash said embarrassingly.
“Ya sure,” Ritu said controlling her laughter.

“Saint asked me for how long I have been in Kerela.”

“6 days,” I replied.

“It means you are so interested in meeting me that you spend 6 days,” Saint said.

“I know you are busy. Taking 6 days for me must be tough but you did. Was I so important to you?”

“We both know the answer.”

“But you found time for me, a Saint you hardly knows. Then you can never say that you are unable to find time for the things you love, things you want to spend time with.”

“You came 2851 km away to see a strange person but you can’t take a step towards for the dreams. Dreams which are closer to you, which lie in your heart. Is taking a step to your heart difficult than a 2851 km journey?”

“Wow, I am spellbound,” Ritu said.

“I was too Ritu.”

“So, what did he saw in his dream for you?”

“Oh yes! I forget to tell you.” Akash said.

The Saint said that he dreamt of a lost boy always looking at the sky to find the way back to home. He looked at the far away sky to find the road which would lead to his home. But he didn’t look at the ground on which he was standing. The ground which paved his way back to home.

“Would keeping his eyes away from ground ever help the boy in coming back home?” The Saint asked me.

“No! Ritu replied.

“Will looking away from your heart Akash ever help you in getting closer to your dreams?”

“No,” Ritu said with a joy.
“Wow! Akash, that’s amazing! Please tell answers to other people’s questions too. The Saint is just ‘wow’.”

The office bell rang announcing the beginning of the meeting.

“We will continue it later Ritu. Let’s follow the Saint and keeping eyes on the ground, let’s head towards the meeting room.”

“Yes,” Ritu replied with a laugh. “But Akash don’t follow him completely. Don’t become the sleeping Akash in the meeting like the last time.”
“I’ll try,” Akash said with a wink.

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  2. This story holds a deep meaning. Majority of us have lost our dreams and have become habituated to boring routine. This is an eye opening for those who are willing to do something.
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  3. If we care about something, we will find time for that. Whether is it about a person or our dream. Keep posting. Well written Post.😀

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