Here are the ways to stop procrastination that works perfectly. The tricks will do their work but will you apply them or procrastinate again?

Warning – Don’t procrastinate reading this because you won’t read later.

We are not a procrastinator by birth. Being 5-6 year old we were never procrastinating doing work. Of course, it was mostly playing, but we never delayed anything that made us happy. And now, the first thing we ignore is the potential work that can make us fly. The sad point is that we know it’s important and the consequences of not doing will be unfavourable. Yet we do one thing, procrastinating. We all wish to have a magic tonic to uproot procrastination but till then you need to know 9 ways to stop procrastination: you can divorce it.

9 Ways to Stop Procrastination



1) Pick up the basic habit

The reason why you can’t study continuously for hours isn’t that yours sitting power is less.

The resistance of not adopting any exercise routine is not because you can’t exercise. The root is very basic and the cure to fix procrastination is doable.


Let examples clear you.

Your broken study routine could be the result of not working in the proper study environment. Probably you study while the TV is on and you do not bother to move to the workplace.

Is the simple idea of going to the table/ work desk a mountain to climb?


But the results will touch the Mount Everest of success for sure.

For ignoring exercising your basic habit could be snoozing the alarm. So, keep the alarm far away from your bedside.

Or it could be your laziness to go to and get the shoes. Get your shoes before sleeping at the place where you will see them first in the morning.

You don’t need to transform your routine. Picking 2-3 habits is enough. This is the ultimate crux of ways to stop procrastination.

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2) Fix the hardest task second not first

It is in our DNA to seek easy work and do only the things that return pleasure to us. If at the beginning of your routine you pick up the hardest and the most boring part you are most likely to be lazy. You will slide your work aside and start scrolling your phone.

You don’t have to kill you with the most burdensome beginnings. The beginning could be easy, fun.

Give a number 2 slot to the most boring and difficult task and a number 1 to something you like and is easy.

To start your big project, choose something you like. If you like documenting more than making powerpoint presentations, then go for it. While starting to study, you can always have an easy start, English over maths or science over history, it’s your choice.

But don’t stretch the easy part to hours. It’s just to give you the energy to do the 2nd challenging task. A 10-15 minute rep is good. Limit the easy task to achieve the difficult one.

Doing easy things first will give you motivation, and a perfect beginning. And while being on the second task you know you have achieved something and nothing is impossible.

Make doing easy for you.

3) Come out from ‘AKSARIA behaviour’

This behaviour of not doing what you know you should be doing has a name. It’s called AKSARIA behaviour.

Out of ways to stop procrastination coming out of Aksaria behaviour is vital. Getting indulged more in this behaviour occurs because of one’s tendency to not delay gratification. We all want to be free from work and be gratified with pleasure. To get this feeling soon we delay our work and get the shots of excitement now.

The behaviour is not new, the warriors from ancient times were also in the habit of procrastinating their war practice.

For them, it might lead to their death in war. Procrastinating would be less dramatic than it for you but your dreams will die anyway.

“What kills you is not the death of flesh and bones or stopping of the heartbeat. It’s the burial of dreams.” –  Himanshi

4) You are choosing a disloyal relation

It’s an easy choice between a loyal and a cheating partner. You will choose the one who has faith in you.

But would you accept that you are choosing the cheater partner even after knowing that your heart will break?

No, don’t shake your face in a no. You have chosen the cheater over the loyal and you will keep doing this. Every time you are procrastinating you are choosing the deceiver tomorrow over loving today. You love tomorrow but it loves no one. Next time you procrastinate ask yourself.

“Will the relation of loving a cheater tomorrow and ignoring today survive?” – Himanshi

5) No ocean but glasses of task

Don’t gulp ocean of work but divide it to glasses. Break work into doable chunks.

– Divide your work into smaller chunks. 3-5 chunks are good.

– Give them priority numbering, fix the difficult task on number 2.

– But don’t divide your determination with work. The reason our division of work does not work is that we somewhere divide our persistent.

“Divide only the task, not your persistent to fulfil it, Determination should be hundred percentage for each chunk.” – Himanshi

6) Work now, rest later

You will sleep at 12 a.m. watching the winner of a reality show but when it comes to your work you need a full 8 hours sleep. It’s you in both situations when you can’t procrastinate watching TV, why you do it with work?

To stop procrastinating delay your entertainment. This crowns the ways to stop procrastination. You don’t need to delay it for hours. Even if you shift your entertainment to later for minutes it will work.

Because once you delay entertainment for minutes, you can easily push a tad longer and with practice to the end of your task.

7) Kill the distractions

Maybe you procrastinate because your environment is not work friendly. Kill your distractions to let productivity born. Distractions hamper you from using ways to stop procrastination. Be a step ahead.

-Don’t silent but switch off the notification of apps that distract you. It will take a minute but save your hours.

-Understand that it’s not just a 2-minute video on YouTube. Your shift from indulging in work to YouTube will cost you more. That 2-minute video will cling into your mind. You will stop working on the work because you won’t feel like or you’ll decide to work after another video. This will hamper your productivity for that day. And on the next day, you could fall into a trap that you won’t amount to anything. Distractions are contagious.

A minute video is more distracting than you can imagine.

8) Why are you procrastinating?

There are many reasons you could be delaying. Once you find them you can easily overcome using ways to stop procrastination.

Your probable reasons for procrastination could be saying that-

  • I am lazy- 

Solution: Everyone is lazy. You could be a little more but start to be on par to value makers. Beginning defeats laziness.

  • Self-doubt-

Solution: Billionaires too have self-doubts but they make their ‘I will’ bigger than doubts.

  • I will do it tomorrow-

Solution: You are not immortal. You could die tomorrow, better finish work today.

  • Next time, promise –

Solution: The hour you are wasting now was also the next time.

  • I am not in the mood-

Solution: Will your mood of working soar once you fail? Waiting for failure to work, are you?

  • I am not ready yet-

Solution:  Only doing can make you ready.

  • I am not good enough –

Solution: Everyone is good enough. Even a stale bread is also a food for fungi. How can you be not good enough?

When your ‘self-talk’ begin sabotaging you, let your craft speak.

When doubts surface double your speed of working. Doubts vanish in persistence.

9) It only takes a tiny beginning

Accomplishing a task and stopping procrastination doesn’t need your sweat. It only takes a tiny beginning. The ways to stop procrastination works when you take the first step.

-Performing a task for 5 minutes, making a brief overview or just reading the chapter, these are not small but significant beginnings.

-Only after you have started you can go farther.

“Crumbled beginnings do have spotless results.” – Himanshi

Summing up 9 ways to stop procrastination you can divorce it. If you keep being married to it your dreams will be the first thing you lose. And it’s not a loss of a thing in life, it’s a loss of whole life.

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