The biggest breaker between a dreamer and a dream is ‘What will people say?’ If the dreamer is not caring about the opinion of others, then the family and society make sure to remind this. There is no chance to escape the trap of “What will people say?”

What will people say‘ Inc. Is the fastest growing industry and will continue ruling us if we keep ignoring our passion because of it.

You as a dreamer can make this Inc. bankrupt by following what the heart says instead what society says…

But first you have to see what kind of people are in this Inc. And how can you tackle them.

Let’s start meeting the people of ‘what will people say’ Inc.

1) Mr Naazi:

The eminent person in ‘What will people say’ Inc is Mr Naazi. He has one duty. And that is to find fault in everything. If someone is lazy, he will complain that the employee doesn’t work. If someone is working 8 hours per day, Mr Naazi will scold him for not working 10 hours per day. Mr Naazi is never satisfied, never contented.

Leave others, Mr Naazi finds the flaws in him too. He is not satisfied with his looks, job and life. He hates himself.

Do you think, not going after what you love because of a person who doesn’t even love himself, is a good choice?

It is better to give him one thing and that is ignorance.

How to ignore Mr Naazi?

– Love your dream, passion and yourself. It’s a small life, why waste it in hate? Make love superior in your life. So that the hate of Mr Naazi gets scared of love in your life.

– Build a wall around yourself, a wall of the dreams, belief and courage. Make this wall stronger by chasing your dreams. Mr Naazi will never enter this wall if you have cemented it using self- belief.

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2) Mr Guilty:

Imagine you are coming out of the market, searching for your car, parked in the parking area. You hear someone saying, “My friend is a software engineer. He is so depressed, the job is killing him, it’s exhausting and there is no scope.” And this statement affects your decision to live your dream job, to become a software engineer.

The person who said this is Mr Guilty. He is himself a victim of ‘what will people say’. His dreams were burnt in the flame of others opinion. So he joined the Inc and started killing the dreams of others as revenge.

The people who themselves couldn’t climb the ladder of dreams are the first one to break the ladder of others.

They criticise you because they can’t match your standards.

How to ignore Mr Guilty?

– Don’t pay attention to anyone who says that your thoughts can’t be turned into reality. Every dream starts with an impossible-seeming thought. And this list includes you too. Sometimes when we have the environment that supports us, we ourselves restrict us from working for our dreams. Don’t let you tarnish your thoughts.

Never say “You can’t do this” to yourself. Never destroy you yourself.

– When someone or you say “That’s a big dream, impossible to accomplish”, switch your can’t to can. Speak aloud “Can… can… can.” When doubts seep in, work harder. Your actions will scream and shut the voice of the doubts.

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3) Miss Fear:

Every time we fear, it takes a bite of us. Slowly the fear makes us hollow, leaving nothing in us. This is what Miss Fear does to us.

If you keep thinking “What will people say?” then stop it for Miss Fear. What could she say about you? She only talks about her fears. Her Fears keep her busy. Because of her fears, her life is decaying and she will die soon.

If you stop dreaming because of what Miss fear will say then don’t worry, she will be soon out of the world.

Miss fear will die, but the truth is also that not only in your society, you have Miss Fear inside you too. Will you kill her or not?

How to ignore Miss Fear?

– Every time you listen to Miss Fear, it rents a space in your heart. And every time you believe the fear, it makes the place permanent. Try to listening less to your fear. Act deaf while listening to Miss Fear.

– Keep some nuts with you or candies. Whenever you feel fear, eat one nut. Feel like you are eating your fear. Crush it and chew every trace of it. And one day you will end all your nuts, you will eat all your fears.

– The only thing that can remove fear is a bold decision. A decision that you will never entertain your fears, never.

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4) Miss Self Obsessed:

She is the perfect fashionista, brand conscious, self-obsessed and her only concern is herself. Her gallery is flooded with her selfies, her room has her picture on the wall, even the phone’s wallpaper has Miss Self Obsessed.

With so much obsession with herself. Do you think she has any time to think about you?

No one in this world is so free to think about you. Why would someone think so much about you when we are all caught up in our life struggles.

And if there is someone who has the job of thinking about your life, then ignore him. Only people who have nothing significant to do in their life keep engaged themselves in pricking the bubble of dreams of others. To handle them do what Miss Self-obsessed does. Love yourself.

How can you love yourself?

-Be like a celebrity, love your life like any successful person does. Don’t let anyone pull you down. Work as you would do once you are successful. With giving your 100%, your result will be 100% only. Feel like Miss Self Obsessed, love yourself at such height that any questions for haters seem nothing.

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6) Mr Anonymous:

Most of the people in ‘What will people say’ Inc is anonymous. No one knows anything about them, no one has seen them, yet they threat dreams the most.

Questions to the dreamers?

-How can you believe and be affected by someone who you haven’t seen, never heard, never met? And not believing the person who you are most familiar with, not believing you?

-How can be breaking dreams because of unknown people is right for you than fulfilling them?

-How can others be more important than you? How can others opinion matter more than your dream?

How to ignore Mr Anonymous?

Just answer the above questions being true to you. If your dreams are larger than your doubts you don’t need to ignore Mr anonymous. The vision of your dreams will do it.

This was a chance of meeting the people of ‘what will people say‘. If you have dreams that mean something to you, this would be your last encounter to ‘what will people say‘. If not, may you soon find the courage to say no to ‘what will people say‘, else you will yourself join ‘what will people say’ inc.


It’s me Himanshi. I am just like you. Sometimes lazy, sometimes doubtful and always quirky. But it’s the dream that keeps me going. Books and life have given me a world of knowledge and through "" I am returning what I received. Thinker by Heart, Writer by Soul.


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