Yes, your aunt will comment saying how worthless you are if you are doing something unconventional and that uncle who really calls you will also show up to criticize your choices once you fail. But does it mean you have to believe and shape your life from their perspective?

Do not abandon your dreams for anyone. Dreams are the closest thing to your heart and breaking up with them for people who you hardly know is being a big stupid.

If you have ever seen a little dream shining into the reality you will agree that dreams do glitter. Dreams are like diamonds. Like one has to extract diamonds from mine, you too have to strive to get your dreams out of your hearts and the world who you are. There are a lot of similarities between dreams and diamonds. No one recognizes the value of your dream or a raw diamond until both are polished. But diamonds do defeat us in one mindset- they don’t listen to anyone. They know they will shine, and when they do, even if it takes years of polishing, they shine as sparkling stars.

Here’s one story of a little diamond that stopped listening to anyone except his heart. Once you’ll know what he achieved by this you won’t wait for a second to follow him.


The Little Diamond

Sitting inside the bed of dark rocks, The Little Diamond knew about his future. After a few days, he would be extracted out from the coal mine, chiseled, polished and then sold. It was his dream to sparkle as an engagement ring in one women’s finger, but he was afraid. He doubted his shine.

The fear was will he be able to shine like his family? Will he be able to come out of the comparisons amongst the cousins? Will his relatives appreciate him when he becomes an ornament?

From the conversations of coal miners, he knew his grandfather had become a precious diamond. He longed to be like him. But the pressure of being on par with his relatives was huge and suffocating. Fear gripped him, and once again he dropped shining bits of his body because of doubts.

Every time the diamond shivered, his surface collided with the rocks and he would drop a shred of his shiny skin. A loss of thousands and his self-esteem.

“Grandpa, only you can help me,” he prayed before sleeping as the coal diggers closed the lights calling it a day. Their footsteps fainted and the diamond slept soon because of his heavy head.

On his count, it was the 27th day of his restless sleep. A nightmare about his failure to carry the family name forward threw him out of his night sleep. He was shivering like a maniac. He opened his eyes to see how much weight he had lost in his shivering. “Not much,” he consoled himself. He also knew with that speed he would be reduced to half in a week.

The Little Diamond let a big sigh out. Having a glance at the dark mine, feeling his life was dark as the cave, he closed his eyes to sleep again.

In a moment, he woke up in a jerk. “Am I dreaming?” he said aloud, almost a shriek.

In front of his eyes, he saw his grandpa dazzling as the sun in the otherwise dark cave. He was studded in a big golden ring and looked radiant like never before.

“I missed you,” tears glided of grandson’s eyes.

“Me too,” the grandpa replied in his sweet and mature voice. “But I’m afraid for you my son. If you do not stop now, I will be missing you forever, I will lose you forever.”

He meant death.

The Little Diamond knew what he was talking about. “But I am doing nothing.”

His grandfather scouted his bed. Wherever he walked, he lighted the path like a walking star. The Little Diamond had luckily got a smooth surface of the stone. All over the black bed were the bits of diamonds. They were like a salt fallen on a burnt pan. The exception being, that salt was precious, millions for one diamond.

The Little Diamond was embarrassed. “I am not doing anything grandpa. My fear is doing everything,” he said in his defense.

“But you are letting it do it to you. And my child you can blame it but it will have no effect on your fear. It will only give it more power making it more and more brutal. Not doing anything is also an action.”

No reply came.

“Ok tell me,” his grandfather said, “How will you become a good expensive diamond, tell me the steps?”

The Little Diamond smile a little, at least the topic was changed.

“First these men will get me out of this cave along with the stones,” he answered.

“Yes, it is important to come out of your zone to do something big.”

The grandson smiled receiving his grandfather’s wisdom after so long.

“Then they will remove the stone from me, it will be painful but it’s important.”

“Yes, you have to remove the clutter.”

“Then… I think the hammer will chisel and make me shinier.”

“Unimaginable pain, but worth it.”

“Then they will sell me.”

“Ok any more step?”


“Think if you are forgetting something son.”

“No,” the little one was sure.

“Is being afraid because of your relatives a step for you to become big?”

The question hit hard. “No,” the little diamond said weighing the realization.

“Is any comparison or doubts apart?” he asked. “We are very lucky to become a diamond and you are letting yourself diminish with every doubt. It will be in milligrams what your shivering with fear is taking from you. But soon you will be shredding grams of yourself in this worthless process.”

The Big Diamond continued. “Saving yourself is very important especially when you are special. Tell me is ripping yourself a part of the process?”


“Then why you possess your fears, my child? Answer my question, if you were a human and you have prepared an amazing feast would you fear that when you will plate your dish, it will turn into the trash?”

“No, if I have made something nice then it will remain nice.” 

“And what if you are expecting a flavourful dish when you are preparing trash?”

“I will only get trash on my plate, what I have made. I got the point Grandpa. If I am making trash, foul, stinky food will be there on my plate.”

“We do not eat food like humans. Our thoughts are our food and our life is our plate. Thinking trash will never make your life fresh.”

The grandson smiled. He realized neither the fear was a part of his process to become a giant not doubting a part of the procedure to shine.

“You know the lady who wears me as her ring,” the grandfather said, “Is planning to buy the same ring for her daughter. I hope it is you.” His smiled shine brighter than him.

The Little Diamond imagined his life again, being in the same house as his grandfather. He knew he was dreaming, he continued not to open his eyes from that sweet dream.

Your doubts take away some part of your shine. If you do not stop it now, one day they will bring you to dust. You’ll be nowhere.

We all have heard the famous name of this little diamond. Kohinoor. He didn’t become a ring but dreamed big to become the most precious diamond in this world.

A little diamond, Kohinoor is inside you, waiting for you to stop listening to others, screaming at you not to become an average person but unique like the Kohinoor.


It’s me Himanshi. I am just like you. Sometimes lazy, sometimes doubtful and always quirky. But it’s the dream that keeps me going. Books and life have given me a world of knowledge and through "" I am returning what I received. Thinker by Heart, Writer by Soul.


  1. Wow really helpful !! , Actually I was also losing my confidence because of my great relatives, but now i will only focus on my dreams. thanks

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