“Gratitude is the heart of a fulfilled life.”

And we are grateful to Rhonda Byrne for penning ‘The Secret book’ and The Secret Team for bringing it for us. They have been showing the way to fulfil all our wishes with the help of a simple idea- The Secret.

What is The Secret?

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Most of us are aware of The Secret because of the efforts of The Secret Team. But if you are still unaware of it, then you are one step away from experiencing the idea that would be transforming your life.

The Secret is The Law of Attraction. It states that we attract everything in life in proportion to what we are. If we are happy we would find more smiles. And when sad, every circumstance in life would bring in more struggles.

The Secret means your life will be just a reflection of yourself. And by changing you, you can live your dream life. All you have to do is think happy and positive thoughts.

The procedure of bringing everything in your life using The Secret is


2) Believe


Demand to the universe what you want, have full faith and believe it’s yours and soon you will receive it.

The whole concept is about belief. Believe in prosperity and you will be rich. Believe in poverty and you will lose everything.

How can you use The Secret?

– Have a clear, specific and detailed wish.

– Ask Universe about it. Affirm it aloud or write it. Act as if you own it by affirming in the present tense.

– Say ‘Thank You’ for it.

– Act as you would do after fulfilment of the wish. Use your five senses while acting, touch your wishes, feel the texture, hear the smiles and be calm.

– Gradually increase your belief and continue feeling happy.

– See the dream turned into reality.

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10 examples to use The Secret in daily life

A) Money:

If God gave you a chance before your birth to choose your parents, who would you choose?

A smiling, positive, welcoming parents or an annoyed, cribbing couple. Obviously, the answer is the former parents.

Money is similar. It chooses the family who loves it, welcomes it with greetings. Only the people who speak ill of money and crib over it loses it.

You can open doors of money by these simple examples:

1) Fake notes:  Use Notes of kid’s game or create your own notes using pages. Only you know that the currency you have is fake, not the universe. Touch them, feel proud as if possessing original currency and be happy.

Don’t feel bad because they are fake. Because if you believe that you have money, the universe will send more.

Money comes where abundance is, not where scarcity resides.

A man has attracted money by feeling the tree leaves as currency. Only the people who believe see the miracles.

2) Fill your pockets: Even if you are bankrupt, feel like a king. Every time you put your hands in your pocket or purse, smile because it has money in it. Complaining and brooding over empty pocket won’t help, it will eventually leave you hopeless. So, why not feel happy and imagine like the purse is brimming with money. Imagine getting the money and filling it into the purse, imagine buying your favourite things. Listen to the tinkling of coins in your purse. Everything is there if you believe.

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B) Health:

Health is the real wealth. It is reasonable to feel bad and negative when you fall ill. But again, does the negativity treat you?

The natural form of the body is healthy. So, if you are unhealthy, you can switch to the normal, healthy state by belief. It’s easy to be healthy than to fall sick. Your body deserves health.

Examples to use the secret for health-

1) Water is the magical potion: Scientists have proved that with positive as well as negative words, the structure of water changes. The book ‘The Power’ shows it. Our body is 70% water and mind 90% water. So, by infusing good words to the water you drink, you can change your life.

While drinking, say thank you to water for curing your diseases and making you fit. Believe that it is a magical potion that will cure all your diseases. Believe and it will be true.

If you want to lose weight say, “Thank you water for giving me optimum weight.”

You can use water as the magical remedy while you bath. When you take a shower and water touches your skin, affirm that water is taking all your diseases with you. Water is melting your extra fat, taking your aches and giving you a rebirth.

2) Send Love:  Any organ malfunction when it is ignored. So use a simple technique of sending love to your organs.

The Secret

Example, if you have headache then draw your head on a paper and send love to it. Draw hearts, fill them with red colour and smile. Forget about headache and start doing your work. In no time headache will go because of your love.

C) Relationship:

The Secret has given beautiful relations to many people and has helped them mend the ones they have.

Examples to use the secret for a Relationship-

1) Relation to self: If you don’t love you, then almost all of your relations will suffer from the lack of love. Love yourself. Whenever you feel you are unworthy go to the mirror and give you flying kiss. Love yourself, so that people can love you.

2) Change marriage proposal: People around you may tell you that you are too fat, too tall, too educated, too smart and that you will not get a perfect life partner. If society tells you to adjust and you too get fooled thinking you have to compromise while choosing your partner, then you will never have your dream spouse.

Change the way your marriage proposal looks, assure you that you deserve a perfect partner. Believe that he/she is yours because he/she is too finding you. The universe will play your Cupid, only if you believe.

D) Career:

Your dream job is not non-existing, it is waiting for you use The Secret and shine.

Examples to use the secret for a career-

1) Have a badge: Prepare it yourself or get a badge of your dream job. Write your name and designation on it. Wear it or keep it in front of you. Believe you already have that title. And you will have the job in reality.

2) Write thank you notes: Express gratitude by writing thank you notes to you for working for the job and the company for giving you the job. Gratitude is the first step of receiving.

E) Life:

If you can’t categorise the problem you have and want a solution to your overall life then follow the secret of life.

Examples to use the secret for life-

1) Use Life symbols:  Take a ball and consider it to be your life. Hit it on the wall and catch it. Every time you catch it, feel proud that you have taken life in your hands. And if you miss catching, do it again. Because no matter how many times you try, eventually you will catch your life.

Use things as life symbols like that ball. It could be anything like lights, colours, birds, a dog etc.

Whenever you see your life symbol, feel like the universe is sending life to you. The universe is helping you. And when you will live with the universe, you will love your life.

2) Stairs can uplift you: If you want to be more confident in your life, then use stairs. With every step you take going up, feel like confidence is filling you. Be more confident.

And with every step going down on the stairs, feel like your fear is also going down.

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These are the examples to use The Secret. Believe and achieve. Your life is up to you, you are the biggest secret.


It’s me Himanshi. I am just like you. Sometimes lazy, sometimes doubtful and always quirky. But it’s the dream that keeps me going. Books and life have given me a world of knowledge and through "shineinfinite.in" I am returning what I received. Thinker by Heart, Writer by Soul.


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