Building self confidence needs no scientific procedure or a series of experiments. A child can teach you how to be more confident. And he is our own Dugdug and he is teaching the lesson of confidence.

Dugdug was watching an animated lion movie with his mother. The scene was that a lion with a wound on his leg fights a group of rhinos and wins eventually.

“It is the obvious mom,” Dugdug said, “The lion will win because an injured lion is most dangerous,” he poured a filmy accent.

“No, Dugdug, it’s because of self-confidence.”


“Yes, the crowd has no self-confidence. They know that they will lose because they are fighting a lion. Lion is careless about the injury, he is filled with confidence that he will win. And he wins.”

“That’s why you ask me to be confident in exams.” Dugdug replied, “Self Confidence means winning.”

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Dugdug teaches us that confidence is not something impossible. It lies in our belief. Let’s get straight now to the way where you will grow a better you.

15 Ways to Build More Self Confidence

1) Break the fear wall

Ages ago a king built a big wall in the middle of the village. It was named the Fear Wall. On each brick, every citizen wrote their fears while the wall was being constructed. The king wrote his fear ‘Losing His Throne’ on his brick. That day when the wall was complete, the king took a hammer and broke his brick. He said that he broke every piece of his fear and removed it from his heart.

After that, each citizen when ready to face the fear, break their brick. They said breaking their brick gave the strength that if they can break the brick, they can crush their fears too.

Don’t build a wall and literally break it. Your parents would definitely mind it. Just crush and break every inch of your fear.

-The only thing to overcome your fear and to be confident is to encounter them. It is the essence of 15 Ways to Build More Self Confidence.

You can’t escape from your fears. If you are fleeing from them now, years later you will find them in front of you. And then you will be more pathetic. It’s a need to break your fear now or it will turn into a monster later.

-Your fears are like a mirror. If you are not removing them you will find them every time you look at you. To change the image in the mirror, change you.

– That king gave a gift to anyone who breaks the wall. Because he knew behind the fears reside many beautiful gifts. Own them, now.

– Do everything you fear, even if you do something small. Conquer a small amount of fear daily. Your fear of public speaking will only go when you speak. There is no other way.

– Do it, overcome your fear and welcome the pride on your face.

2) You are not alone to have doubts

We cut down our confidence level because we feel that we are only the loser who doesn’t know about the skill. Because of assuming that you know less you don’t show your best. But the truth is we are all little cracked. Your neighbour too doesn’t know something. And it’s okay.

-Einstein is respected because of his genius works in science. People appreciate him for his scientific knowledge. If someone says that Einstein doesn’t know literature and he shouldn’t be called genius, you won’t agree with him. Einstein needed to get his science well to be called a genius, he didn’t excel in all subjects. You too need to be adept in your skill only.

And once you are adept in your skill, confidence will come running to you.

– Don’t belittle yourself. If you know something then it’s good and if not take it as a chance to grow.

3) Keep achievements handy

Top ways to build more self-confidence gives importance to achievements. When you know you have a decent contribution and your achievement list is solid, you will develop self-confidence with ease.

– Make a list of your achievements. Put your good grades, completion of a tough project, solving a big problem on it. When the confidence level goes down, take a glimpse of it.

– Knowing that you had fixed things before raises your confidence to fix your situation now.

– Your achievements will shift your attitude in a beat from being a sheep to a lion.

4) Have dream keepers

Some people can easily refocus your mind to dreams from doubts. They revive your worth in your eyes and take you up when you fall. These people who safeguard your dreams are the dream keepers. Keep them close.

– Surround yourself with people who are genuinely happy with your success. The people who smile when you achieve maybe foe posed as friends. Have authentic friendship.

– Negative people and those who brood your success give a layer of negativity around you. The invisible layer depletes your confidence. You may not feel it but the energies of people around you affect you.

-When you can yourself choose what energy whether constructive and destructive you want to be surrounded with, go for the constructive one.

5) Compare you but only with you

The habit of comparing us with others is reasonable because throughout our childhood our relatives and society have compared us with peers. This is an unhealthy habit and you are damaging yourself with it. Choose the healthy habit, compare you to only yourself.

– Your life is not given to you to impress the society. Your life is a gift to impress and stun you with achievements.

– Compare today’s you with yesterday’s you to make a better you tomorrow.

– Comparison to others is an insult to your talents but a comparison to yourself is a way to polish your talents.

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6) Tap confidence with learning

Knowledge of your profession is an excellent way amongst the top ways to build more self-confidence to build self-confidence. Each page of the book you read adds to your confidence level.

-Learn something new like a skill, language, hobby, art or anything. Novelty breeds confidence.

-Daily schedule a crunch of time for learning. When you will install learning in daily life you will install confidence. 15 minutes a day can shift your confidence level 15% higher.

-It is you who have to breathe to be alive and you to work towards a better you. Start now.

-Reading is a refreshing learning habit to start the confidence shower on you. Go for it.

7) If it’s a dream, do it

How can 15 ways to build more Self Confidence forget dreams?

Your dreams are the reason that you are alive. People who attach dreams to their breath and have a big vision savour their journey. If something beats your heart, then follow it, it’s your dream.

– It’s easy to fall into the trap of society’s rule to get a job and live the whole life in the same way. Dreams are tough sometimes but make life a heaven. Chase them to change your life. Dream to raise life’s standard and confidence.

-Stop your yes or no, begin the walk of dreams.

– Confident people are those who do, who achieve. Actions give confidence when nothing works.

-If you are less confident now, go for dreams and act even if it is untidy. Doing imperfect work is better than thinking perfectly.

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8) Award you rewards

It’s not that only children get excited getting rewards, you too can use this to give you instant shots of confidence.

– After a small work or a big one reward you with your favourite thing. An episode of your favourite serial would be more entertaining after spending the time at work.

– For big tasks give the bigger rewards. This will fuse in you the motivation to turn the small task into the bigger one. Larger the reward more is the tendency to work on it rather than delaying it.

9) Change your life talk

For your confidence, it is you have to work and walk on the top ways to build more Self Confidence. When you start using confidence in your words, it works in other aspects too. Get words on a prosperous side and be more prosperous.

– How about saying ‘Life Rocks’ rather than ‘Life sucks’? Confident words make a confident person.

– You may say that there is nothing wrong when you say “I can’t”. True, there is nothing wrong with it because the wrong is with you because you say it. Choose I can over all your list of can’t.

15 Ways to Build More Self Confidence

10) Trust the Gut

To every problem, there is a solution lies within your reach. It’s your gut feeling or the sixth sense giving all answers.

– When you have a strong feeling to volunteer for some work, do it. Your instincts know how you can grow.

– Ignoring your gut feeling is like wanting to solve your problem and turning away from the answer.

– As you listen to the directions of the gut feeling, you will learn how to use it for your success. And every time that decision-based on your instinct turns fruitful, your confidence shoots up.

11) Healthy and happy are the synonyms of confidence

Exercising for smiles and your body is a must to tap into your hidden confidence. You are already filled to the core of confidence; all you have to do is reveal the layers of ignorance.

– Exercise daily. It will be your answer to your procrastination. When procrastination vanishes, it leaves a gift for you. The gift of huge confidence to be worthy. Love and groom yourself. Better you feel about you, more is your confidence.

– Smiling even when you don’t feel like is miraculous. A smile is that curve that heals cancer, your shattered confidence is nothing.

– An obvious thing of 15 ways to build more Self Confidence is doing actions. Most of us are happy when we act. Act to be happy. Be happy to be confident. It’s a positive loop.

12) Edit your self-image

What kind of a selfie you have in the wallpaper of your mind? Make sure it’s colourful with dreams. What is the fun of holding a black and white stale image?

– Crop your negative self-beliefs by blowing them away by hard work.

– Zoom in your positive self-belief. You have been worthy throughout your life, and you will be in future too.

– Use dreams as a sparkling colourful filter when life gets dull.

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13) Live on principles

All confident persons have some implacable principles and they live abiding them. If something is aligned with their principles, they become confident they are doing the right.

– There are some fundamental principles to follow like honesty, integrity, humanity, humility. Follow them.

-Find your principles which maintain your dignity. Following them is a way to be confident in life.

14) Volunteering is victory

To ask questions in class when you have doubts, to raise a hand to get the project and to work when no one is ready, all these involve volunteering. And it is proportional to confidence.

– Don’t be a critic of yourself, don’t steal the job of critics. Just stamp your name to work and do it.

– Volunteering when no one is stepping up will give you many opportunities in life. Life chooses those who have the courage to grow.

15) Mistakes are a must

To err is human. This is right and it makes you a human being. Don’t give away your smile when you create errors. They are the teachers to bury your defaults forever.

– Don’t kill yourself for some mistakes. When you will succeed they will appear microscopic.

– Life is about tasting the flavours of smiles. Leave your perfection and live the moment.

Summing up Top 15 Ways to Build More Self Confidence is a tip. The tip is to be you. When we reflect on the true self our confident rises.

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