Making New Year resolutions is easy but following it is a stony road. There will be some big stones of procrastination, laziness, and frustration on the path. But still, you can keep skipping them and go to December 2019 with your resolution being a part of your routine. No one likes to dump the new resolution in January, and you too can avoid it by knowing 5 tips to Follow New Year Resolution like a pro.

5 Tips to Follow New Year Resolution like a Pro

Pick one big stone:

To clear a road filled with stones and rubble, the first and most significant step is to clear the big stones.

Copy this in your New Year resolutions. Pick one, yes a single resolution that will help you achieve the rest altogether if you install the big resolution in your days.

For example: If your big aim is exercising and you start sweating for it, following your second resolution to start eating healthy becomes easy and automatic. To clear your road of success, clear the big obstacles. To make all resolutions success, follow big one first.

Daily is the way:

Life and especially success is a great matter of give and take. Give your 40% and get 40% results. Respect life with 100% efforts and get 100% result in return. Thus your New Year resolution also needs to be done not weekly or once in 15 days but daily. It’s what you do daily that decides where you will land in life.

Do and then Think, not the reverse:

Thinking is good but not for our goals. The usual scenario is we keep thinking about how, when and what of our resolutions and time keeps passing. Had we tried the other way of less thinking and more doing, our resolution would not end up in nowhere. For everything else be it your decisions or a conversation think before doing it but keep thinking away from your goals, else the only thing you will do is thinking.

Don’t dare to skip:

Even skipping for a day breaks the rhythm and you may end up repeating the skipping episode again and again. Skipping is fun but not for your New Year resolutions. Beware from skipping if you are sincere for your goals. Because you may think it’s just a day off but it is way deeper.

Think about why and what-ifs:

There has to be a big reason why you have chosen and started to work on that particular resolution. Whenever your mind wanders from doing it, think that reason, the urge that leads you to start exercising, reading or anything else. Reasons give enough energy to resist. Also, keep your eyes on the ‘what ifs’, the what-ifs of being successfully completing the task or not. Choose that ‘What if’ that will make you proud.

That’s a wrap on 5 tips to follow New Year resolution like a pro. Ultimately it’s you who has to move and work. And it’s your decision on which side you want to end this year’s New Year resolution. Do you want to Feel proud or have a punctured will on 31 December 2019?

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