Sometimes air gets thick like in the Negativity country (read in the story below) with tensions, worries, obstacles or the devil negativity. Life becomes a burden and stepping away from negativity seems like a hill to climb. There is only one thing that can lift you and that is positivity thinking. Having a positive attitude is not only for saints but for everyone. Get to know the 5 unbeatable powers of positive thinking, be amazed by a fable and see how easy is focusing on positive thoughts.

The Positivity Circle: A Fable

In a world miles away from ours, years ago lived two countries, they were never close and were called the distant neighbour. On one side of the line lived the country named ‘Positivity’ and ‘negativity’ on the other.

Their life and breaths were trapped in the circle that stayed on their forehead. It shone yellow for Positivity people and black for Negativity.

Citizens of positivity cared for each other, love flew in their air. While in negativity no one could bear each other, they had hatred amongst them too.

Positivity had a longer life until one trespasser from Negativity entered their country. Solid enmity made the collision between their circles inevitable.

The result was death. Negativity gained something after the collision and became bigger than zero, but for Positivity, life ended being crushed to a zero.

Positivity people needed a solution to protect them. Even if a member of their enemy country was dying they couldn’t allow their smiling country to shed tears because of their deaths.

A young member of Positivity came up with the idea. They had to hide their positivity circle so that enemies can’t reach them.

His dying uncle advised that when he got killed by negativity. The solution was to hide their positivity circle deep in their back.

Everyone followed trapping their positivity circle beneath so that no enemy could see it. Because of it, Positivity sustained.

Everything was perfect except for one thing. Hiding your positivity inside so that negativity couldn’t reach and destroy you, worked and the life of Positivity grew. But when positivity hides from the eyes of the enemy, you cannot see it too.

It was the mistake that man did while conveying the message. Because of loss of the uncle, he was surrounded by negativity. He couldn’t think clearly. His uncle suggested hiding circle in the chest so that one can see and realise it’s worth it but the man couldn’t remember it vividly. Negativity had affected him.

Never let negativity take your clarity away. If you can’t do it let positivity work for you.

The message for you is your positivity circle may be in your backside, away from eyes but it is there. Never doubt it!

Here are the 5 unbeatable powers of positive thinking

5 Unbeatable Powers of Positive Thinking

1. Continue your story when you feel it’s the end

Obstacles show up, confusion kidnaps your mind, yet you can do more than sitting alone thinking that you are worthless. With a little dose of positive thinking, you can find new ways when it appears to be the dead end.

[su_quote]Only positivity can end your ends and make you limitless. Keep it close! – Himanshi [/su_quote]

2. Give you a new love: Roadblocks

When you realize breakers you experience break you but only to reveal a better side of you, you will fall in love with them. We love challenges and when they are for our growth, they are even better and more respectable.

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3. You call it pressure but we say power

Hate it or ignore it, be open for it or be afraid of it, but you can’t avoid pressure. Your work could be of a manager or homemaker but the pressure will hit you for sure. When the presence of pressure is necessary, feeling it is not. A positive attitude can rescue you. Rethink about pressure as a power to be more with positive thinking.

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4. Make you healthy wealthy and wise

A positive attitude bullet-proofs you from a deadly disease like cancer. It can add years to life and also life to years. It’s written in books and on faces of successful people. Reach of the positive attitude is larger than you think.

To fill up your account hard work is needed but if you couple your sweat with positive thinking your success comes sooner. A bonus, isn’t it?

Anxiety, restlessness, heading or dizziness are follow up of a negative thinking. You can’t see things clearly when you have any of these follow-ups neither you can look for what you need. Your wisdom dies slowly as it happened in The Positivity Circle story.

To peel off negativity just apply a thin layer of positivity. It will remove negativity with no efforts. Try it, it works!

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5. Allow you to live not just pass the time

You are not born to finish your time span and then just die. Life comes from the verb ‘live’ yet we do everything but living.

Don’t just pass hours, add life to them. By adopting a positive attitude your life would be more than a clock wasting hours. Start now.

This post emphasized embracing positive thinking. You may wonder how? So let’s find how you can instil positive thinking.

What would you do if you want to learn about cooking? You will cook, right?

Similarly, start thinking positive thoughts to get a positive thinking. It’s not required to think only positive thoughts; your mind can go wild and pick up some negative thought. Allow a little freedom.

You only have to keep the side of positive thinking on a slight winning edge then the negative. Because if your positive and negative thinking is equal in intensity the result will be zero. Give weight to the side you want to win.

Thinking of only three positive thoughts out of five is all you have to do. No excuses now just follow it.

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Wrapping up 5 Unbeatable powers of positive thinking. Our final message will be again on the story. Tap your back, beneath the skin you touch, is your positive circle. And your positivity circle has a choice for you. It’s up to you to believe it’s there and follow it or not?

This choice will decide which way your life moves, or if it moves at all or not.

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