If failing didn’t exist, the colours of success won’t be vibrant.”

Failure is sad and bad. It’s the truth we don’t want to witness. And the first step of avoiding failure is to know the reason we fail. Knowing the reasons will diminish half of the failure and your efforts will do the rest. Let’s begin the procedure of success by knowing 6 reasons we fail in life.

6 Reasons We Fail in Life

1) The deep inertia of mediocrity:

A single shot by a brilliant batsman can be a winning shot in cricket. Even if the 11 players of opposing team are good, the one shot can make them loose. And if they are mediocre then obviously the win is palpable.

Win happens when you step out of mediocrity and inertia of belonging to the crowd. A single person dominates 11 in cricket. And in life, you can overpower the whole world if you leave the tendency of being mediocre. Mediocre is no fun, success is.

– Don’t be a mediocre person who complains that he lacks time. Create your own using the magic.

– Replace your procrastination by action to flip failure by the success.

– Quitting is easy because it gives failure. It is persistent that’s tough but the result is the infinite success.

– Don’t be the average person who desires everything but has no goal. Life is not only about having a job and paying your bills. Be driven by dreams, not the direction of the crowd.

2) Overthinking strangles dreams:

If overthinking was the road to success then 95% of people would be successful. And we would be living in the world where just 5% are failures.

But overthinking does the opposite. It is the sure way to fail without many efforts. Just begin overthinking and it will do the rest.

– Don’t initiate the blame game. Take the responsibility and step in life with pride. And if want to overthink, then overthink about success.

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– Don’t belittle yourself. Thinking you are a stone when actually you are capable of becoming a mountain is the reason you fail.

– Instead of focusing why it won’t work and what if it won’t, begin finding how will you make it happen.

– You can’t fix your life in a day. It will take persistence, grit but not excuses.

– Make one excuse of success larger than lakh excuses of failing.

3) Failures think discipline hampers freedom

The disciplined routine might look like a strict regime giving no room to do things freely. But it is exactly the opposite and it is one of the 6 reasons we fail in life. A disciplined life gives you the freedom to do everything your list has. A successful person would find time to do productive things while failures waste time in distractions.

-You might feel that if you don’t schedule your day you will find the flexibility of time to act. But the day that is unscheduled gets wasted. An undisciplined life gets failed. That is the reason why Sunday is least productive. It lacks planning.

– Dominating things in your life should be your dreams, not distractions.

-Welcome precision in life. Think for your big, specific goal and walk towards it. Remove the clutter. Success is doing things that will take you closer to your dreams. Failure is doing everything but not the required one.

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– Success is about the execution of ideas and letting your dreams shape. Failing gets closer when execution becomes far.

4) Negativity is injurious to health

You fail because you are negative. Even if you induce positivity in you, no success will appear until positivity over-number your negativity. Because first, your positivity will neutralize your negativity. If your positivity does not exceed negativity the result will be zero.

-To get positive results, put weight on your positivity. To get success, stop putting weight on possibilities of failing.

– You got one life, spending it filled with fear can never be the one way to live. Be fearless.

– Search and delete negative patterns of thought, negative people in life and negative environment. To find them care for your feelings. The situation that makes you feel bad are the negative ones.

5) What will people say?

Failing is not only confirmed by us but by others too. If you continue being trapped by ‘what will people say’ you will never listen to the roars of success.

-Listen to you, not the fears. Focus on your heart, not the opinion of others.

-People will say if you choose your dreams over conventional career. “Look how stupid he/she is to walk for dreams He/ she won’t be successful. I am sure.”

-They will say if you follow the crowd. “Look such a coward. He/she has no guts to do something new.”

-People will say in any case. How about this?

Attaining success and saying, “I did it.”

6) Carpe diem

It’s a Latin word meaning ‘seize the day‘. You are likely to fail in life as well as the career if you are not living your life.

-You only have the day. Each day become life if you seize it fully. Love each day at its peak.

-Do something different each day, anything that makes you better. Take a step each day towards a new you. A step at a time won’t scare you. And it will ensure you won’t fail as well.

-Yesterday’s dish is stale, tomorrow’s in uncooked. Eat today, it is fresh and lively.

These were the 6 reasons we fail in life. Grab them and throw in the bin forever. Step on the road to success.


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  1. Point number 3 is the reason why I failed. I have to follow these 6 rules to get success. Thanks a lot

  2. I agree, if we seize the day, we will able to seize the life. Great.

  3. Thank you for explaining the reasons of my failure. Great Article.

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