One can endure all the hardships and hurdles that show up on the road to success. It only needs knowledge of how to win their days, their mornings. While most of us surrender to the day by snoozing the alarm, people who are inclined to achievements win the first battle with snooze. They wake up with bright eyes while others are hugging the pillows. The start of your morning not only decides how your day but how your life will turn out to be. It’s a demo of how you’ll face the obstacles of life. Morning, the starting is important. Know 7 powers of a consistent morning routine to realise what you are missing without a proper morning routine.

7 Powers of a Consistent Morning Routine

7 Powers of a Consistent Morning Routine

1. Who said you can’t buy time?

“Everyone has the same 24 hours, you can’t buy more time.” We all hear this cliché.

It is true money can’t buy time nor does any online store sells it but it doesn’t mean you can’t have more time.

Out of 24 hours per day, we spend above one third on sleep, about 8 hours. But if you are a lazy bird this could go to 10 also.

Imagine sleeping at 10 waking up at 9 in the next morning. How could you be motivated if the first thing you do in your morning routine is to brood? Waking at 9 am you would attack yourself for already wasting 11 hours. The rest 13 of the day would also go in the drain because of that disastrous start.

If you wake up at 6 a.m. by yourself it means your sleep cycle has completed. There is no need to stay in bed till your ideal 8 hours get completed. Sleep is not about hours but about honesty. You don’t really need a large amount of sleep, it’s an excuse and you know it.

A power nap can also re-energize you sometimes and 8-hour sleep may leave you drowsy for the whole day. Sleep less; and if not less, then sleep as required. Savour the extra hours you will have.

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2. Win mornings, win days

A fish never sees water because it’s always in it. Like fishes, we sometimes ignore the days because there are hundreds of them in the calendar. If you waste a Monday, you have a new Tuesday hopping up.

We think a day’s loss can be compensated by working tomorrow, but it never happens. A loss of day stays as a loss forever. Before this mistake is realised it becomes a habit. Wasting days soon stretch to wasting years.

To win your life, you have to mark victories on days. And for that having a morning routine is the easiest thing. 365 days look sufficient on 1st of January but 31st December comes sooner than expected.

Have you realised about 75% of 2018 is already gone? Act fast, live guilt free!

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3. Get day’s work done in hours

Why work whole day when few hours are enough to complete your work? The most productive power of the morning routine is this.

Even if you want to do a project beyond your potential, a morning start would do the wonders. The steaming energy, no distractions, and a super active brain will get everything done sooner.

Productivity is about not about working more; it’s getting more with fewer efforts. And a morning routine makes work effortless.

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4. Make your decisions profitable

Whether you work at night or at day, at both times you will have to make some big decisions. You can’t avoid them but you can choose to make decisions when your ability is higher.

With a morning routine set up, you will work early and decide when your energy is boiling. Delaying decision is fatal because after you are tired you will only land yourself in trouble by opting for wrong choices.

Instead, let your morning routine give you a first victory of the day, it’s a first good decision and a pat of appreciation on your shoulder.

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5. Life get served when you serve yourself

Life is a buffet. To get more from the life you have to serve it yourself. No one can do anything for you. Self-service is the key.

Your biggest contribution to serving your life is framing a consistent morning routine. Do little for life and life will return it in manifolds.

Spare some time for you in the morning, your life will say thanks to you for this.

6. Replace excuses for success

You will be successful in the same degree to which your excuses allow you. Bigger your excuses, larger will be the door to success. You only have to dodge the excuses and work to get access to the success gates.

Establishing a morning routine is a must to do if your excuses list is big.

[su_quote]Having bigger excuses is a good sign; it means you have a huge possibility of success. – Himanshi[/su_quote]

Seal this victory with your sincerity in following your morning routine. It’s a do less get more deal.

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7. Morning routine chooses health over the hospital

A morning routine means your day will have a kick-start of happiness. Achievements sprout happiness. So, get on the track of the morning routine for smiles. A happy you is a healthy you.

Even if you are not doing any exercise in your morning routine, the raised happiness level will make you healthy too.

Thus, a morning routine not only makes you a giant in career but gives a throne of health too. After knowing 7 powers of a consistent morning routine, start following it, the coming morning. If excuses arise, then be excited, it means there is growth. Grow with your excuses.

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