First, you spend little time in making good habits and then those habits give you years of success and happiness. Yes, it’s true. Days spent wisely adopting good habits are capable of providing seasons of productivity. So, why not put some effort in days and get dreams turned into reality? Good habits give infinite times profit. You give little in days and get whole infinity back. Here are your 8 daily good habits to adopt for a rocking life. Do less but get more and more.

8 Daily Good Habits to Adopt for a Rocking Life

1. Frame a routine:

We all would make a face if our grandparents advise us to go in the toilet at a fixed morning time daily. Elders say that a routine is crucial for a healthy digestive system.

It’s a bit gross but if to get everything from your stomach out you need a routine that won’t need a routine to get productivity out of you.

Don’t live bound to the hands of the clock but at least fix a time for every activity.

Knowing what you are supposed to do at 12 P.M will give you motivation, waste less time and you will get a daily habit that is the king amongst good habits.

2. Give number 1 spot to priority only:

What is your priority?

To be the first viewer of the latest video or to be the first one to achieve his/her dreams?

“Be a viewer of your own success. The journey of others would be inspiring but it’s your walk that will make life fulfilling.” – Himanshi

The life-transforming daily habit to adopt is thus keeping priorities on number 1 slot.

Dump distractions, not your dreams.

3. Employ a life Mantra

In the morning before going to work, fix your ‘Life Mantra‘ for the day. Browse through life quotes by wise people or make something on your own like-

  • On this day I will give no time to distractions.
  • I will make this day the best one till date.
  • Today no matter what happens, I will smile.

Use your daily Mantra as the remote to channelize your day. Try to be aligned with your expectations daily. Within months you will be surprised finding a new and better you.

Follow one mantra per day. And in a year you will learn 365 life lessons. Giant results come from tiny steps.

4. No ‘phone a friend’ but phone your life

Like in KBC a lifeline is a phone call to a friend, in reality, to save you, make a call to life.

To phone your life you have to put aside your phone. Because life talks directly, it needs no phone or no internet connection.

Every day for an hour or so turn off your phone and forget that it exists. Spend time with life rather than swiping the lifeless screen.

When you touch your life, you touch a cord of yourself.

5. Reverse your excuses

Excuses hamper you from having a fulfilling day. There is only one way to kill them. Reverse them.

See how you can apply the idea of reversing the excuses to the most common ones-

– I have no time:

For every goal and my dream, I have time and I will find time to follow my vision.

– I am too young/old:

This age is perfect for me to achieve anything. Success is ageless.

– What will people say:

What I say to myself is important than what will people say.

– I will start it later:

The early morning hours and late night time both are perfect for a start and I will start now. Just reverse your excuses and affirm 3-4 times aloud.

Start giving excuses to be successful. Give excuses to make each day a step towards dreams.

Give excuses to follow good habits because on the opposite side of excuses lies your dreams. Sometimes you are only waiting to see how life looks on opposite side of your excuses. Now that you have seen it, step into it with no excuses.

6. Spend some time alone

You become the person you spend the most time with. Who is that person for you? Or is it the 5.5 inches screen in your pocket?

A day well spent is the day spent with you. Every day find some time to be with you in solitude. No, it’s not your commune time scrolling down Social Media.

Meditate or exercise at this time, think about you, how you are lucky, count your blessings, express gratitude and write your heart out.

“It’s your life don’t be a stranger of yourself.- Himanshi”

7. Do time audit

To have more time in your days adopt a daily habit of doing a quick time audit.

There is no need for a pen & paper. Just mentally list activities that are not needed and eat away your time. It’s the easiest of good habits because before doing any work you know if it’s a waste of time or not.

“Stop killing your time. Is the actual death of yours, not of time.” – Himanshi

8. Do things from the heart

You never know when the second passing now takes your life away. Don’t delay making your heart happy.

Go on the trip, read that book you loved, watch the movie, fix the dinner date, buy that black dress and join those dance classes.

Do everything you wanted to do. Don’t smile yearly or weekly, smile daily.

Why only smile, list everything that makes you happy in your good habits and follow. These were 8 daily good habits to adopt for a rocking life. Rock your life with the music of your smiles.

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It’s me Himanshi. I am just like you. Sometimes lazy, sometimes doubtful and always quirky. But it’s the dream that keeps me going. Books and life have given me a world of knowledge and through "" I am returning what I received. Thinker by Heart, Writer by Soul.

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