When we forage to find the secret that will open our doors to success, we look at the giants. Our eyes are always behind the footprints of ‘A players’ to find what are the things they do to be successful. For major secrets of success, you don’t have to go only behind the giants; a tiny creature can give you never seen secrets. Ants, which are smaller than our eyelids are an embodiment of perseverance and hard work. That tiny insect has massive qualities which if embraced will turn any dream into reality.

Let’s read this post and get amazed by the depth of ant’s qualities.

8 Fresh Success Secrets by Ants


“My boss is not giving me any good project.”

“You know how my parents are, no one is supporting me.”

“I can’t work, my husband is not in favour of my job.”

We keep giving excuses and every excuse takes us steps far from our success. People crying over lack of opportunities and blaming this scarcity the reason that they are not successful is common.

The truth could be you are not ready for opportunities and not keeping an eye on possible opportunities. Because sometimes when opportunity knocks the door, we don’t open the door being resisted by our doubts.

This is not the case with Ants. They won’t be saying that no one is giving them any food and will stay in their homes. They come forward, explore and find their food themselves. They keep an eye on their possibilities and are always ready for opportunities.

Just put a sweet in open and Ants will grasp it in no time. They wait and attack the opportunity without wasting time, without thinking if they would be able to use the opportunity well or not, without destroying the possibility they have.

They never fail of astonish by their 8 fresh success secrets by Ants.

How can you be ready for the opportunity?

a) Act according to your profession- A teacher is the one who teaches, a farmer who does farming and a writer is the one who writes. Without writing we can’t say we are a writer. So, whatever is your profession, be fully engrossed in it and do what it demands. Opportunities never ignore people who are professional.

b) Size doesn’t matter, opportunity is opportunity- If you come across a small chance to improve your craft and grow, don’t ignore because it’s tiny. Don’t judge any opportunity based on its size. You never know if it is a massive chance clad in a faint hope.

c) Publicize yourself- Tell people you are open for all sort of professional opportunities. Don’t hide your talent. Who knows the stranger who asked you what you do, could be an HR of a big firm when you are waiting for the dream job.


Most of the dreamers have one approach to obstacles and that is to quit. They see an obstacle and believe that the people who overcome obstacles in life and succeed are born special. But my friend, if they are born special then you too. You too had all the same features when you were born.

It’s just that the successful people follow the steps to be winners when you keep complaining that it is easy for some people to attain success. Their path is as tough as yours, but they focus on destination instead grieving on the harsh path.

You may find it strange but I have studied what approaches do Ants use when facing an obstacle. I have put obstacles in their front, hindered their path and still, they don’t fail to give one of the 8 fresh success secrets by Ants.

8 Fresh Success Secrets by Ant

3 approaches to obstacles that Ants use-

a) Overcome-  When a pebble or a small obstacle is placed in front of an ant, it doesn’t stop. Instead, it crawls over it to reach its destination.

b) Change- I saw an ant crawling down a wire, and I tapped the wire. It didn’t stop then also. Instead, it changed its way and crawled down the wire from the lower side of the wire.

c) Analyse- When an ant was given an obstacle of a thud to the floor over which it was going, it stopped. Feeling the vibration of the thud given by my hand, it stopped for a bit and once the sense of danger was over for it resumed.

How can you follow the approaches?

a) Overcome- Not always the obstacles we face are massive, sometimes with a little belief and courage, we can overcome them. Try to overcome your obstacles with a positive attitude.

Even if the obstacle is huge, you can overcome it. Your ‘I can’ is always bigger than ‘what if’. Nothing will go wrong if you are following your plan in a right way.

For starting go small, overcome little obstacles like if you are a lazy person then start getting up an hour early or do some exercise. Smaller wins give huge confidence, don’t underestimate them.

b) Change the way- Sometimes we encounter obstacles because we are on a wrong path. Maybe that road where you have the greater setbacks is not for you. Try making plans and change them as per your productivity. Once you find the way by which your efficiency is high, stick to it.

c) Analyse- Take a break, see where you are going. Don’t just get carried away with the flow, do not be going anywhere your life is taking you. Rest a bit, refill your energy resources by pursuing a hobby, taking a vacation and loving your family. The journey of your job will never end, spend some time with you in between.

These approaches are vital, don’t forget while you use 8 fresh success secrets by Ants in life.

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Ants go slow, enjoying their walk as they forage. They consider their movement to be superior over pace. Going slow is better than not going anywhere at all. Going forward for your dreams is richer than having plans to reach your dreams in the heart but doing nothing. Ants go slow, but they move.

How can you make movements superior over pace?

– If running for your goal is dreading than crawling isn’t bad either. Smaller steps fulfil giant goals.

– While spending your life, don’t forget to live. Embrace your goals and enjoy every step towards it.


Ants are tiny but well adept. Whatever they do, they do it with perfection. Be it carrying their food to their houses, or digging your walls to make their houses. They are the example that you can be small but your work is the thing that makes you big.

How can skills defeat stature?

– Forget your stature, height, weight, looks but focus on your craft. It matters more how you shape your craft than how you look.

– Add skills to your resume so that your talent out shadow your stature.


Time is required for big, masterpiece type of dreams, only small goals get fulfilled quickly. If your dream is big and you want to finish it to a success, you must be ready to give time. Because Ants give that time.

They carry the food piece by piece, they munch on the food slowly and they don’t leave any trace of food. They are perfect goal finishers.

How to build your palace of dreams?

– Give time, days, months or years whatever it takes to fulfil your vision.

– Don’t leave your dreams unfinished. Give your best until the end of your dream journey.

8 fresh success secrets by Ants will build your palace of dreams but doing work is your responsibility.

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One of the major secret that successful people follow is to do more but show up less. They won’t be attending all the parties but being in solitude creating the path to success.

You have to follow this secret to ensure 8 fresh success secrets by Ants work.

Ants are not always outside of their burrow. They only come out to search for food. Be like ants, don’t be the social champ, the party animal by compromising on your dreams.

How to show up less and do more?

-Try loving solitude for the sake of your success. Your success will love you back.

– Socializing while your dreams cry alone is not the life that successful people choose.

– Come in the limelight when you have given a glow to your dreams with a shine of hard work. Till then keep burning.


Not all ants have eyes. They are guided by their other sensory organs, chemical trial and antenna. They follow their senses.

Along with our five senses, we do have an important tool for success, the gut feeling. The people who are successful by doing some eccentric tricks give credit to their intuition, the gut feeling for their success. Be guided by your gut feeling.

How to be guided by gut feelings?

– Start paying attention what your gut feeling tells you. Before any decision, wait and listen to the whisper of your heart.

– Your heart sees more than your eyes, don’t restrict your vision to eyes only.

– Slow down, meditate, do the things you love, be happier, give more smiles. These things overpower your gut feeling.


Another secret of 8 fresh success secrets by Ants is their affection towards energy.

The ants which are super energetic and fast (for some species the speed can be up to 0.7m per second) can live anywhere but not Antarctica.

Thinking over this I came over one explanation.

Antarctica, as we know, is a cold, actually freezing place. Ants can live in high-temperature conditions like in the Sahara Desert but not in Antarctica. It’s because of their love for energy.

In chemistry, the energy of a system is directly proportional to the temperature. Antarctica has the low temperature so the energy associated is less. The ants which want to move, explore and live, can’t live in Antarctica with negligible energy. But Sahara due to its high energy is suitable for these little achievers.

How to use your energy for success?

– Be energetic. Emotions like fear, doubts, disbelief take away your energy. Don’t make your energy reservoirs empty.

– Don’t be in the environment and around people who deplete your energy by negative talks. Choose energetic surroundings, like ants choose.

-The simplest yet useful way to be energetic is doing work. Today’s work will inspire you and energize you to do more tomorrow.

That’s a wrap. These were 8 fresh success secrets by Ants. Now, whenever you see any ant it will remind you that if it can and then you can also follow these secrets. Whenever you see any ant, it could be a reminder to hang on and keep working, as your success is near. Choose to hang on for your success. Choose like Ants.


It’s me Himanshi. I am just like you. Sometimes lazy, sometimes doubtful and always quirky. But it’s the dream that keeps me going. Books and life have given me a world of knowledge and through "shineinfinite.in" I am returning what I received. Thinker by Heart, Writer by Soul.


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