An Extra Load

An Extra Load

“Hey, Aksha excited for the new school?”

“Gurukul”, I replied cringing my nose.

“Okay Gurukul, but it’s different. You would get a Guru there.”

“That’s obvious papa to have a teacher in an educational institute. My tone showed the repulsion I had for going to the Gurukul.

“No. Teachers only teach about the subject but the Guru teaches about the life. They help you to grow.”

“Let’s see this papa.”

“Aksha few students get a Guru there. It is a badge of honour to have a Guru. I hope you have one.”

I arrived at the Gurukul. It was like a normal school. The students with the Guru were respected and the ones without were criticised. The partiality similar between science and arts students.

I saw one guy bullying the non- Guru student by saying that without a Guru meant he was an ‘ullu’.

I was afraid of what would happen if I could not get a Guru. But I was there only for 2 years. Just for 11th and 12th class. I was sure I would not see any of these students after my Gurukul span. And if students with a Guru were so egotist then I don’t think I would lose anything if I don’t get one.

Since I knew about the appointment of Guru, I was intrigued to know how they pick the students. They must be conducting a separate test, I guessed. Soon after a year, I found the procedure to get the Guru. Score more and get one. Fortunately and unfortunately I got the one.

Life is strange sometimes the only food you do not want on your plate is served for you. For me, life served the bitter gourd. The one I hated.

Most of the Gurus were chilled out, positive and literally uplifting the students. But mine was inspired by ‘Dangal’.

The only task we had with the Guru was to translate a quote from Sanskrit to either Hindi or English. Small task. Right? Yes, for others but not for me.

At the beginning of 12th class when everyone was busy studying for boards my Guru gave me a list of things to do. Learn the Sanskrit language, read all quotes by the same author and then translate.

Who does that for a translation of just 4 lines?


When everyone was learning theorems of Physics I was finding nuances of Sanskrit. This gave a big supply of jokes to my roommate Swati.

I could not deny his orders because if the Guru does not pass the student, he has to repeat the year with the same Guru.

I did everything on my own. Being jealous of the students whose Guru gave them hints to translate.

I don’t remember the quote now and neither do I remember what I wrote. But the Guru is the one to be remembered forever.

I hated him for growing my work when he could help me. But today being a CEO for an MNC I thank him.

I thank him for giving me the confidence of doing things on my own. I thank you for showing that learning a new language is not dreading. Because of the new taste of learning which he gave me, I have learned Spanish, German and now Chinese is on my list.

I thank him for not supporting me a bit so that I realized I can do any new thing myself.

Papa was right it was a badge of honour to find the Guru who allowed me to explore everything myself.

Because of him, I have written a line near the entrance of my office.

“Honour the ones who bombard you with loads of tasks. The extra load/work is an additional opportunity to grow.”


It’s me Himanshi. I am just like you. Sometimes lazy, sometimes doubtful and always quirky. But it’s the dream that keeps me going. Books and life have given me a world of knowledge and through "" I am returning what I received. Thinker by Heart, Writer by Soul.


  1. Again a wonderful story with bit of sweetness …
    Loving this 😊😊

  2. Ruby Gautam Reply

    It’s gonna be my status now, thanks ShineInfinite😍😍😍 inspirational one☺☺☺

  3. It was so deep. Really!!!!!!
    Focus shifted from extra work to opportunities

  4. an amazing story..and an inspirational one..
    I liked d way u hv included a positive approach to “an extra load”🤣😂.

  5. I also need a guru in my life. Btw , awesome article. Keep posting. Waiting for more

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