When parents teach their kids to say thank you whenever they can, they are installing a habit of gratitude. The habit of becoming a gratitude lover and listing your blessings daily is one which all successful and powerful people do. From millionaires to saints everyone is embracing gratitude to make most of the benefits of gratitude; being more lively.

Here are the deep benefits of expressing gratitude even for a few minutes daily.

Firstly this story will elaborate on the benefits of gratitude

There were two milkmen in the same village. One was prosperous so he could buy better quality and milk producing cow while the other had a somewhat lower quality cow. The former was proud of his cow but the later one was grateful even if it was not a top quality cow. Every time he milked his cow the former was thankless but the other was thankful. He thanked whatever amount of milk the cow yielded. Slowly the cow swelled with love and care the milk content soared for the thankful milkman. And the other got the opposite. In spite of a lower quality cow, the milkman got prosperous enough to buy 10 new cows and opened a dairy. The gratitude expressed on things he had, gave him everything he wanted.

Be like the thankful milkman, and get more life.

The 19 Benefits of Gratitude

Benefits of gratitude

1) Help you to find richness:

Mentally listing your gratitude or writing it over a paper, these both help you to find your richness and prosperity.

Your two eyes may seem trivial for you but for someone restoring the vision could be life-saving.

“You are rich already.”

Your eyes, healthy kidney, well-working heart all are priceless. The benefit of gratitude is to make you realise what you have and being happy because of it.

You can go limitless when you are expressing your gratitude. If you plan to write 100 things you are grateful for then they will also be completed and you can also write 101th thing. Your richness is limitless; you have many things people dream of. Smile because of it.

2) Open the doors of receiving more

The benefit of gratitude lies in opening the door through which you receive more. Only when you are thankful for what you have, you can have more. This is the law of attraction; you receive more when you express gratitude for what you have.

3) Give you happy hormones

Our body has hormones that make us happy, give a wide smile and keep our enthusiasm high. The amazing benefit of gratitude is that it boosts the level of happy hormones.

The secretion of happy hormones becomes intense and frequent with gratitude expression. And happiness becomes your way of life.

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4) Blocks sad hormones

Gratitude not only soars the happy hormones but blocks the sad hormones. The stress level is increased in our body by hormones like cortisol. Expressing gratitude keeps their level in check and blocks them for ruining your sadness.

5) Allow you to be happy

When you know you have many precious things in your life you will be hopeful, ecstatic, smiling but not sad. The benefit of gratitude is that it makes the person happy. Happiness is the key to life. When your key finds you the roads of abundance are opened.

“With gratitude, you have the ocean of happiness where the drops of tears won’t affect you.” – Himanshi

6) Fill love in you

Loving your life with never experienced intensity is one of the greatest benefits of gratitude. When you respect everything that is in your life, a new sense of love washes over you. And that wave leaves you, your life is drenched in dreams.

7) Make you feel worthy

Life sucks when you get trapped thinking that you can’t do anything. But listing things that you have achieved helps in filling you the feeling of being worthy again.

8) Be the people’s person

Gratitude helps in becoming the most likeable person in the town. Everyone respects the person who respects and loves his/her love. You would be your family person again, and the soul of any event.

9) Fight depression, failure and overthinking

Do a practical test of proving that gratitude is stronger than depression.

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Take some pebbles. On your right side place one pebble for each of reason of your depression and think you have failed for. On the left side place one pebble for each thing you are grateful for. Put your supporting family, caring spouse, the job that you love, motivating friends on this side. Fill the side with everything that makes you smile.

After that weigh the pebbles of both sides.

Your gratitude will be weighed more. And with stronger gratitude, the depression and failure can be knocked off.

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10) Smile deeper

Wearing a smile is what polishes your personality. The benefit of gratitude is that it gives you a smile that stays with you, a smile that is genuine and reaches your eyes.

11) Carry your career well

Do the benefits of gratitude stay with your personal life only?

No, they reach your professional life and make you a giant in your career.

12) Make you super optimistic

Everything that comes in your life comes with a motive to grow you. This is a benefit of gratitude. You become optimistic. Thick sadness never affects you because you know positivity will find a way to you.

13) Meet the real you

Being the one who expresses gratitude, saying thanks to the little things in life and smiling through your heart you will meet someone. The one for whom you were waiting, the real you.

14)  Gratitude a day keeps the doctor away

Being healthy is never far when you are enjoying the benefits of gratitude. Feeling you have everything you need and will have anything you need in life would make you healthy. Being stress-free, strong immune system, positive and energetic is what gratitude gives you in return.

15) Give longevity

Showing deep gratitude for life adds years to your life. Both health and wealth factors are taken care of, you sit back and relish your life.

16) A serene life

It’s easy to step in a tranquil life when you have gratitude by your side. Counting the things you are thankful for will give you a sense of serenity throughout your life.

17) Get good looks and personality

The blush of happiness on cheeks and the confidence of achievements in your personality will be your gift amongst the benefits of gratitude.

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18) Produce epic productivity

Gratitude can also benefit you in productivity. The past achievements and the present support will give you the motivation to be an epic producer.

19) Leap from selfish to selfless

Gratitude reminds you that have more than you think. It takes you from being a self-centered one to be selfless and serve humanity.

These were the 19 benefits of gratitude. There are a lot more but you have to start expressing your gratefulness for unleashing them.


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