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Love Letters

Sorry, but these love letters are not for your girlfriend or boyfriend but for the little minds.

Stories could be a major bridge to connect you with your children. And also to keep them away from smartphones.

The stories you share with them will teach them about life like your parents taught you. Give them this joy of stories.

Love Letters for children

We are bringing you a series of readable and innovative stories. These would help your little angels shine.

You can write these stories in a letter to your child when he’s upset, along with tiffin box, during a vacation or just for fun. Send these love letters and experience the flood of love it brings.

What is in the Name

Our name is our identity but does a funny name takes your respect? No. Dugdug wants to change his funny name but what his mother replies a thing to teach your kids too. Read the story and give your kids… Continue Reading →

The Dugdug Theory

Dugdug, a cute elephant is here to rescue you from productivity problems. His mother gives us ‘The Dugdug Theory‘. This theory teaches that not everything is readymade for us, sometimes we have to put the efforts. Meet Dugdug and grow…. Continue Reading →

A Super Super Hero

“Again!” My mom screamed seeing my sad face as I entered the house. “Please mom, don’t ask,” I took out my bag and slid it on the floor. There begin the thing happening since weeks, after returning to my house,… Continue Reading →

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