When summers come, the sun is super excited. It showers upon us all its love without caring that it may roast us. We can’t avoid the sun and its hot love, but we can prevent us from burning.

We understand you do not need time-consuming and effort taking tips, so Shine Infinite is providing you basic yet effective health tips you must follow in summers. These are low maintenance tips that will help you do more in summers than just sweating.

When summers come, the sun is super excited. It showers upon us all its love without caring that it may roast us. We can't avoid the sun and its hot love, but we can prevent us from burning.

Health Tips You Must Follow in Summers-

1) Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate:

You know since school that your body is 70% made up of water. But do you know that your mind is made up of water too?

Yes, 90% of our brain is water, so in order to maintain proper brain functioning, you need to keep water content high. Most of the body problems get early solved if we are in taking the proper amount of water. You can manage your weight, digestion, skin problems and health by just pouring glasses of water in your mouth.

Most of us will say that we don’t remember to drink more water. But would you forget taking medicines on time if you are dying in a month and medicine can give you a week more? Water is as crucial for health as any medicine. It is the silent elixir that adds years to our life. No doubt water is on the top on the health tips you must follow in summers.

Drinking more water does mean excreting more too, be it sweat or pee. Use a good quality, but alcohol-free deodorant so, that your skin can breathe and you can avoid body odour.

Urinary infections are very common during summers and don’t forget to use clean flushed toilets only.

Things to do:

– Set up reminders to drink water.

– Carry a bottle wherever you go.

– Try seasonal drinks, juices and add flavours to the summers.

– Munch on fruits that are rich in water like watermelon, cucumber, melon etc.

– Use deodorants with no alcohol and prefer natural products.

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2) Summers need skin care

The part of you that is most affected by summers is the skin. Itching, rashes sunburn, tanning are at the peak in summers. No doubt you need to do extra efforts to protect your skin.

Make sunscreen a part of your day. You know they block UV rays but it is not a small job. The UV rays can be far more damaging than you can imagine. They affect the DNA and the changes in DNA cause Cancer. Take skin and sunscreen seriously. The gentle skin is doing a lot for you; it’s your time to repay.

Wash your face twice or thrice a day with a gentle soap or a face wash. And, to dry your face, don’t rub the towel. Your face is not your bike, rubbing the cloth on your bike to clean will be good. But for face don’t try this dangerous stunt.

Also if your towel has two sides, one being slightly softer, then only use the gentle side of towel on your face.

When dehydration hits, the lips are first to suffer. Use a good lip balm and don’t forget to carry it with you. When the sun is shining bright, you have to keep your preparations tight.

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Things to do:

– Apply sunscreen 15-20 minutes before going out from home and re-apply after 4-5 hours. Sympathise your skin.

– When in the home don’t skip using sunscreen. Your house is not an insulator to summer’s heat.

– Keep your face clean to avoid pimples and moisturise it too.

– Before sleeping, apply any oil or ‘Desi Ghee’ in your navel. It prevents chapped lips and moisturizes them.

– Use prickly heat powder especially around neck and armpits.

* Eyes are important

How can health tips you must follow in summers, forget the vitality of eyes?

Sun burns your skin but have you thought what it does to your eyes? It is worse than the effect on the skin.

Going out in summers, you must have experienced redness, irritation, itching in your eyes. And every time these symptoms get ignored, they return with a bunch of other problems.

Things to do:

– Use ice packs on eyes, care your vision.

– Wash eyes often with cold, clean water.

– Avoid being in the sun when you can. Excessive loo will make your eyes dry.

– Consult a doctor and get a good eye drops to prevent redness and dry eyes.

– Use sunglasses, it’s a must.

– Monitor your screen usage; don’t use your smartphones just before sleeping. It hampers sleep and gives insomnia.

3) Pack your Bag well

To be healthy in summers you need to be well equipped. Whenever going out spend some time packing your bag.

Things you must carry in summers

– Water bottle

– Energy drink

– Scarf

– Handkerchiefs

– Tissue papers

– Wet wipes (Best friends for skin when heat embraces you)

– Face Wash

– Moisturizer

– Lip balm

– Sunscreen

– Sanitizer (Germs get stronger in summers, be prepared)

– Tangy Candies (To your cheer mood if feeling uneasy)

4) Be cool but don’t freeze

For summers the only refreshment is coolness. But we are freezing rather than giving us a cool splash.

Neither being frozen is healthy nor it is required.

Researchers have shown that intake of chilled water can give you a heart attack. It is explained by Dr Rajiv Dixit. Whenever we eat or drink something, the first step towards digestion is regulating the temperature of food to that of the body. The temperature of food is equalised to that body by the stomach. Chilled water implies a chilled stomach. The stomach will direct all its energy to warm the water up to body temperature.

For this, the stomach requires excess energy that is supplied by blood. All the blood flow is focused towards the stomach and this gives blood shortage to organs such as brain and heart.

Drinking chilled water for a long time no doubt, gives heart attack, brain haemorrhage, paralysis and many diseases.

So, instead focus on being cool not freezing. Use splashes of nature to get best of health tips you must follow in summers.

Things to do:

– Have a Matka (earthen pot) in your house. It doesn’t freeze water yet keeping it cool. The taste of water will make you closer to nature. And every time you feel it’s fragrance you will smile. It also preserves the pH of water required for the body.

– Use Multani mitti, (Fuller’s Earth) it is the best natural spa and will leave you cooler and fresher. Add rose water for extra freshness.

-Use aloe vera on skin to avoid pimples and dry skin.

– The refreshment drinks may appeal you but natural juices will refresh you to the core.

5) Use Home cooked food

Street food is good for the test buds but not for our stomach, especially during summers. This is one tip of health tips you must follow in summers that can never go wrong.

Prefer home cooked, less spicy but healthy food in summers. It will prevent you from getting acidity and digestion problems.

Things to do:

– Carry a lunch, relive your school life.

– Don’t forget to have in your bag some fruit to munch on.

At last, eat watermelons, suck mango shake till the last drop in the glass, sweat and then wipe the sweat with wet wipes. Put your foot down, step out of the house and hug the sun. Let your coolness add to its hotness and have a blast of fun in life.

These were our ‘Health Tips You Must Follow in Summers’, tell us about what you do to beat the heat. We would be waiting to hear your summer mantras.


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