Some days are fun. You are on your top game crashing every obstacle in your path, focusing only on your target. And you think that this success is making you happy. But the truth is another way around.  Because you are happy you are on top of your game. You get success because you are happy. To know how to be happy is a formula to achieve anything you want.

“Start a day with a smile and at night you will be smiling deeper with contentment.” – Himanshi

[su_heading size=”21″ margin=”10″]How to be Happy[/su_heading]

‘How to be happy’ is a requirement not only to be successful but to live your life at its zenith. Why live a life being sad for months and have happiness only for some days? Choose happiness forever and sadness for never using the following ways of how to be happy.

The happiness you find within gets spread to the world around you. To get an environment with happy people beaming around you, you have to begin being happy with yourself.

How exciting would be stepping into the world where everyone would be happy? To get that life choose being happy yourself.

You are bigger than any mistakes:

I once lost my spoon in the college canteen. It was just a spoon but you can guess my mum’s reaction. But after that day I was careful each day while having my lunch. Losing the spoon for once ensured I never do it again.

Doing the mistake is sometimes important to get a lesson where you never repeat it. When you learn from mistakes it’s never a loss.” – Himanshi

Make mistakes your life’s syllabus to learn from. Feel proud of getting a lesson to learn. Your life is bigger than that mistake. Smile when you commit mistakes. They will be your happy moments when you recall the journey of your success.

Don’t add salt to sweet life

Life is meant to be sweet with memories, smiles, and dreams. Life has to be your ice cream.  Sometimes life shows you bitter turns and harsh situations, but they pass. Keep your life sweet. Forgive the people who hurt you for the sake of your life.

Would you allow someone to ruin your favourite ice cream? Then, why allow people to disturb yourself. Shower love on life and sweetness. It’s the path of finding how to be happy.

Spend time with you

How could anyone be happy if the true self is far? You have to know you to understand how to be happy. Don’t let others decide who you are, be sure of who you are. That’s the answer to how to be happy.

  • Write about life, think and live for sometime daily in solitude.
  • Don’t flow with life, stop to find the real you, it’s the path to realize how to be happy.
  •  If your heart craves for a dream, follow it. When we work for the dreams, another level of happiness is reached.

Life is a roller coaster ride, true. Still ensuring that you keep being on the top of the ride is easy. Being happy in life is not as tough as it looks.

Don’t delay it, live now

Your happiness isn’t a distant dream that will only be yours after your promotion, new house or another special occasion. Your happiness is now, and also happiness tastes the best when you embrace it now.

“Happiness is a dish, for now, don’t delay it for later. Else when you will be ready for it either the happiness or your life will be expired.” – Himanshi

Find your smile symbols:

There is something that immediately makes us smile even when we are deeply sad. A smiling child or a beautiful blue sky, it can be anything. List your smile symbols and be happy because of them.

The present is a gift, be here:

Happiness will always elude you if your mind is in the burden of past or possibilities of future.

Past is gone, buried and future can go in any direction. Why waste your crucial present for these two?” – Himanshi

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Follow hobby, if not calling:

You already know that formula of being happy it’s ancient and easy. Do what you love. But you do it, really?

  • It’s not a necessity to go big in the early stages and follow your calling. Maybe you haven’t found it yet, and it’s ok. Till then spend time on your hobby.
  • The name is right, the hobby is a recreation, a chance to recreate yourself. It’s a way to start your how to be happy journey.
  • Hobbies are the heart of happiness. Set some time for hobbies daily. Even 10 minutes of focusing on your interests will fill happiness in you.

Meet good hormones:

Your body has some special, happy hormones to tell you how to be happy in life always. Dopamine, serotonin, endorphin, and oxytocin are the happy hormone squad that rules your body. Meet your good hormones for happiness that lasts forever.

– Get your body moving, exercises give huge endorphin levels.

– For a serotonin boost think positive and happy thoughts, be with people who make you happy, do small acts that give you smiles, be happy.

– Setting goals and completing them will give you a good dopamine raise. Imagine being productive and happy too. It’s a win-win.

– For the love hormone oxytocin, show your love to people, smile even at strangers, hug your parents and love yourself too.

-Also, ensure having healthy food, nutrients help in meeting the good hormones.

Speak a new language:

Your happiness sometimes comes from pride, learning a new language can give you this pride cum happiness.

-These are some language that always fascinates us. So, get on the train of some new words in a new language.

-You can brush your vocabulary skills. Think of surprised faces of people when you will use a new and beautiful word. You will be happy then, won’t you?

A leap from regretting to relishing:

Regret is the bigger enemy of happiness. Choose relish over regrets. Find your techniques for finding how to be happy.

– Don’t delay loving and living life.

– If that’s a dream you still have in your mind, don’t delay it any further.

– Fix today for loving, why hate life?

Your days are nothing but your life, make being happy a habit. What you do daily will become your destiny, be happy daily.

Here is a list of things you should do every day to be happy:

– Speak for the right, even if it’s tough. There is no substitute for a virtuous life.

-Start your day with a smile. Smiling is a bridge to infinite happiness. You can go to the mirror the moment you wake up and greet you with a cheerful smile.

– Habits form our life. To start your journey to be forever happy, install some good habits. Waking up early, doing some exercises, meeting friends often or involving in charity, this could be your daily habits to be happy.

Copy optimists:

There are some people who always look for the goodness even in dark situations, you can steal this quality from them.

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“Even in dark clouds of hopelessness, find your ray of hope.” – Himanshi

See the future: 

You can’t change your present but you can change your attitude. In failures, visualize you succeeding, when life throws nightmares at you, dare to see dreams.

“Visualisation not only appease your present but it shapes your future too.” – Himanshi

Be deserving: 

When you say that you don’t deserve the success, you close the doors of success forever. Don’t invite scarcity. You deserve everything, the dreams, success, smile, happiness but not tears.

How to be Happy When Alone

Your happiness is not dependent on someone else, you can be happy being alone. And when you learn to be happy to yourself, you get a new depth of bliss.


To connect to your inner self and learning how to be happy meditation is a sure way. There are wide techniques you can choose from.

Deep breathing exercises, or focusing on a spot/candle or a flower. You can repeat OM. It has magic.

Meditation is being connected to you. So, if you do things with concentration and love, you are in a state of meditation. Your passion can work to give you happiness

Be close to nature:

A walk on the terrace after a tiring day or the smell of fresh flowers when you feel sad, both can make you happy.

Express Gratitude:

How can you have more when you are not grateful for the things you have now?

Write or mentally list the things you are grateful for.  Expressing gratitude will reveal awesome things about which you were unaware of possessing and help you to be happy.

Be responsible:

Whatever turns you face in life, be fully responsible for it. Don’t pour the blame on anyone. Control your happiness by ruling your life. Break your comfort zone, do new things, walk you few steps more when you do it in work. Becoming skilled is being happy. Listen to the whispers of your heart.

“Your mind could be logical but your heart is always right.” – Himanshi

Once you master being happy when alone, you can be super happy with people.

Have less but real friends:

Facebook friends are for show off only. Only be happy when you have real friends. Even 2-3 reliable friends are enough. Choose quality over quantity.

Be helpful:

Happy is the one who helps. So be helpful. Lend your support to people whenever you can. You receive what you give. It’s a necessity to do when searching how to be happy.

Blow negative people:

If you have a choice then will you fill your life with positivity, not negativity? Right? You have that choice. Pick the negative people from your life and keep a distance from them.

“What’s better, being separated from negative people or happiness?” – Himanshi

Conversation over chat: 

Do you spend more time pressing keys on your phone or speaking to your family? Phones and social media are required but in limits. And there is no restriction on time spent with the family.

“Switch to the conversation from chat, from messages to smiles.” – Himanshi

How to be happy with work – Your work covers the most time of your day. Even when you are not working, in your mind you work orbits. If you learn how to be happy at work it will make you happier at all times. It’s not a job only, focus on the following listicles and enjoy a burst of happiness.

-Your work is not a mere job but a chance to show your potential, honour it.

– Be worthy of the pay you receive.

Be productive, when we amount to something we are happy.

– Don’t gossip at work. Replace habit of gossip to gratitude. It might be small but at least you have a job, not everyone has one.

– Whatever be your designation, do work with heart. If you are a lawyer then follow the law, think about it even when not working. Passion breeds happiness.

These were ways to how to be happy. And there is one more tip “Be You”. Being you is, being happy.


It’s me Himanshi. I am just like you. Sometimes lazy, sometimes doubtful and always quirky. But it’s the dream that keeps me going. Books and life have given me a world of knowledge and through "" I am returning what I received. Thinker by Heart, Writer by Soul.


  1. This post is fabulous, proving Dalai Lama’s quote- “Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from our own actions.”
    Detailed Post. Thanks for this much awaited article.

  2. Fantastic post, we all have to be happy to taste the success.
    Keep up the good work.
    I always feel alone, so this post is really helpful to me.

  3. From today i am not going to put up with sadness in my life. I have to be happy to chase my dreams. I can’t live a limbo life every time. Thanks for valuable information.

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