You might re-read this title “How to be Productive in Distractions” again or wonder is the writer insane? How could productivity and distractions go hand in hand?

Yes, they don’t go along. But to find time in the study area, while you plug-in your favourite music and work effortlessly, is sometimes impossible. And if you keep waiting to find the perfect time to work, you will never do any work. Because even if the conditions are suitable to work you will hault for the next good time. And, this next is an illusion.

How to be productive in distractions

In spite of waiting for the distraction-free environment, you can do next good thing. Make your distractions non-distractions.

1) Find Your White Noise 

White Noise is a perfect filter for undesired noises. But there is an inbuilt white noise in all of us. There are certain tasks that we do with utmost concentration even when there is TV playing in the background in full volume. Find your favorite things and do them to be productive in distractions.

2) Pick the Right Beat

White Noise is a clear winner over music for doing serious work but for some music lovers music is the champion. So, pick up the right beat. Pick songs that stimulate you to work with more concentration. Don’t make your work playlist with your favourite songs. You will only end up HUMMING your favourite lyrics. Or worst, writing your favourite song on the worksheet.

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3) Tiny Tasks Do Work

We understand you too want to gossip and crack jokes in the break. So fix small work to do and then reward Yourself by joining your colleagues. While travelling, standing in a queue, having long breaks at work schedule small goals for you. 15-minute project reading, 10-minute management planning or any tiny looking work. Distractions could be your time to improve. Give it a try.

4) Entertainment or Dream-gain-ment  

I have seen people waking up every day and sending ‘Good Morning’ messages to all their contacts. There are lots of people killing time by scrolling down what’s happening in others life. Shift your focus from others to you. You are more important than others. If you don’t believe this how would anyone?

See what you want to be entertained or to have a dream gained?

Those videos, good morning messages and News Feed or the family moments, Hugs to the friend and awesome conversations with parents. Choose the one that’s real and stick to it. The people who know about their dreams and life can’t waste a second in entertainment.

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5) Don’t Wait for Fate 

Don’t wait to reach your office to start work, begin working on you, the moment you step out the house. Do not wait for the serial to finish to pick up your book, instead finish this dependence on TV and be self-dependent. Don’t wait for your doubts and excuses to settle, they would never, keep calm. Just get up pull out your sword of productivity and work till you kill them.

Distractions are tough we know. But imagine, if you are being productive in distractions then how much will be your productivity in solitude.


  • Find the passion that drives your focus
  • Choose inspiring, not dancing songs for work time
  • Working is productive even when it is small.
  • That falling man video or your dream job?
  • If waiting for perfect time is ok, then what about waiting for your dreams?