It sounds cliché when someone says that you have everything inside you. You own leadership qualities, hidden potential, unlimited energy and what not. But isn’t it sad that you don’t doubt when someone or even a stranger tells you that you are nothing and you will amount to zero? The sea doesn’t bother if you believe it has pearls or not, it knows it has. Nor does the diamond gets offended if you call it a glass. The sea and the diamonds are the ambassadors of leadership. They know what they have inside them. To be vast as the sea and shine like diamonds you only need to believe yourself. And for this realization, the recipe is gulping leadership qualities, leadership skills, and leadership quotes.

The recipe is tailor-made, given below for you, be ready to taste it.


“If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then, you are an excellent leader.” –  Dolly Parton

Don’t be a superficial leader; firstly know what does leadership skills means then own it completely.

What are the Leadership Skills?

Leadership skills are the roots that hold the existence of a leader. They are the breathes and the soul of a leader. They make you a giant in the field of leadership. Leadership skills are based upon the abilities of a leader. Their foundation lies in the strings of qualities that a leader has. For example: Problem solving and decisiveness are leadership skills that add a layer of potential to one.

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” – Michael Jordan

What are the Qualities of a Leader?

The skills and leadership qualities are interconnected. When you know what you have to imbibe in you, and you go after it, you eventually become skilled in it.

Tiny Qualities that Produce Giant Leaders:

-Own responsibilities and share credit: Leadership qualities demand the person to be selfish in taking responsibilities of the result and selfless in taking the credit. Most people do the other way around and that’s why there are few leaders in the world.

“A true leader accepts responsibilities with boldness and becomes shy at the time of acknowledgment.” – Himanshi

Indian wicketkeeper Mahendra Singh Dhoni shows this. He gently slips away after handling the winning trophy to the team. He says that it is unfair that the trophy is given to the captain only while cricket is a team match.

Out of many excellent leadership qualities that Mahendra Singh Dhoni shows, this one is the most charming. And it’s adaptable too.

“The thing is that giving youngsters in the team the opportunity to lay their hands on trophies helps them grow, something that is immensely beneficial for the team.” – Mahendra Singh Dhoni

-The infinite source of IQ: Everyone is intelligent at some level. The IQ level could differ but in an organisation there is another IQ that is needed – the Inspired Quotient. This leadership quality is about being a never-ending source of IQ.

Leadership is about growing more leaders. A leader not only sheds his limits to be better but he/she helps everyone in the field to excel.

-Every leader knows how to tap into the IQ level of his peers.

-Sometimes leadership asks one to be gentle and leave the peers on their own to find the reason of setbacks. And sometimes a leader has to be bold and transparent.

Both cases are important to keep Inspired Quotient high.

-Leadership quality of IQ is about building you, striving to improve you. And as you unravel you, your colleagues get infected by your leadership qualities. They become the same as you.

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-Being relentless and restless give more wins: Whenever you have to spot a leadership quality in someone, see how that person behaves in the workplace.

-People who show “Who cares, if we lose this project” or “We will work hard next time” attitude while they still have chances to improve, are far away from being a leader.

-And the ones being sunk in their work, being edgy to conquer whatever obstacle they face are the leaders.

“Leaders never wait to do the right things, they do them at the right time.” – Himanshi

-Encourage innovations: Innovations happen because of the leaders. No mediocre person can produce something novel. It is the relentless creed of leaders that adds freshness to life.

-Leadership qualities involve welcoming new ideas with a big thumb up. Leaders know how to turn an idea into reality. So, they respect the new idea.

-A vital part of leadership qualities is listening: “Listening to other people’s ideas and thoughts is a huge respect for them. And leaders honour everyone by listening.” – Himanshi

-Committed to vision: Commitment is the shield that bullet-proofs one’s vision against setbacks and failure. Leaders show zenith of commitment for their vision and where ever the situation turns, their focus is on the goal, unwavered and unbudged.

“Having a vision is like having a road to your dreams but being committed to your vision is actual walking over that road.” – Himanshi

Leadership quote by Himanshi

Leaders walk on the road. They talk about dreams, and never gossip, they have eyes on their work, not into other’s life. Leaders care about their craft and nurture it like their baby.

-Giving outshining receiving: Generosity is always in the mind of all leaders. They give more, more values, creativity, customer satisfaction, and craft.

– Leadership is about centering on your customers, being the giver. Whatever be the circumstances of a leader’s life, a nagging boss, discouraging staff, or a careless family, a leader’s eyes are on the craft.

“Excuses are never prioritised in any leader’s life.” – Himanshi

-Influencer author Robin Sharma has written a great book on leadership, ‘The leader who had no title’. He said that any person could be a leader. Even the ones who have no fancy title can be a leader if they choose so. A Mason, a sweeper, a school teacher, a house maker, each one of them is a leader if they love their work.

“You may not be the CEO of your company but you could be the CEO of your craft.” – Himanshi

-Live by principles: To be a leader and leaving the inertia of mediocrity is easy if you follow some principles. There is no perfect set of principles which must be followed. You can choose your own.

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There are just two criteria:

a) Your principle should help you grow.

b) It should be slightly tough so you have a great sense of achievement every time you follow it.

-A leader’s principle could be the fundamental ones like honesty, integrity, responsibility, empathy, humility, generosity or something new.

-Show some creativity in choosing your principles. You can take some inspiration from below:

– Working harder when doubts appear.

– Not delaying decisions.

– Initiating the tough projects.

– Not compromising on your service.

Choose a principle and hug it.

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“Once you rent a principle long enough in your days, it becomes a habit.”- Himanshi

Effective Leadership and Definition

Without effectiveness everything is incomplete, so is the leadership. To be effective is like to be better than the best.

“Leadership contains certain elements of good management, but it requires that you inspire, that you build durable trust. For an organization to be not just good but to win, leadership means evoking participation larger than the job description, commitment deeper than any job contract’s wording.” –  Stanley A. McChrystal

What is Effective Leadership?

Effective leadership is defined as the leadership which serves mankind, grows people, produces work that society savours and pulls out people from the herd and makes them leaders.

Effective leadership is a journey which a leader starts from within and spreads to the heart of everyone he comes in contact to. It is a tough but fulfilling skill to transform mediocre into leaders.

Importance of Leadership

Leadership is as important to an organisation as rain is for the crops. Let’s see what is the importance of leadership:

-Transform business into the family: By showing leadership skills like empathy and listening a leader makes a family in the workplace. As a family, the people are not merely individual but as a whole.

And when people work together, being connected, their personal and professional success is ensured.

-Develop a mindset to smile at challenges: Leadership explains to people how to tackle challenges in a positive way. A leader makes colleagues comfortable with challenges and vanishes their fears by problem-solving and apt decisiveness. And when a spark of leadership births in the individual they smile at challenges.

-Clear up the maze: Be it by providing a clear solution or dropping the hint of problem-solving, a leader clears the maze of confusion smoothly.

And when everyone adapts this skill, an individual becomes able to rescue the whole business from a crisis.

-Make talent flow and grow: Leadership channelizes talent and help people strive to be better. For a workplace and also for the society it is crucial to promote the budding talent. And that’s the job of a leader, to spot and support the talent.

-Adds a flair of positivity: Positivity brings out the best in everyone. It is leadership that sheds positivity all around even in dark situations. With this positivity, the leader conquers all obstacles.

-Make work bliss: True satisfaction lies in doing the work that is valuable. This is where leadership qualities help, they make work a medium to showcase potential. Good leadership makes the workplace a lovable place to enter.

What does Leadership mean to you?

While most people would think above leadership as a medium to put others forward by motivation, inspiration and giving the right direction but a leader is also present when a person gets up when life knocks him down and become immune to failure.

“Leadership is something that begins with an individual and spreads throughout the society.” – Himanshi

And leadership does not focus on what rank you hold, it’s about the role that you play, the value you create with whatever work you do.

“Leadership is a mindset, it doesn’t depend on the designation.” – Himanshi

A leader respects his work even if it is trivial. A school teacher could be called as someone who teaches ABC to kids but that teacher can decide to be the leader if the teacher calls his/her teaching as an opportunity to mould the future. Vegetable sellers could call them a leader if they believe that they sell nutrients and help to have a healthy society.

Leadership lives in mind, not on the designation plate.

What makes a Leader?

The biggest thing that makes a leader is a decision to lead him/her and others in crisis. It’s easy to be edgy and work on your top in normal conditions but leaders are those who do their best under pressure. They find innovation when normal things fail to do. To be a leader you have to work harder when time becomes tough.

The other thing then the decision that makes a leader is implementation. Once decided to show leadership skills in every walk of life, you have to execute what you are thinking. For a leader, the idea which is in mind becomes his course of action in the next moment. For a leader decision and implementation go hand in hand.

You have to find the leader inside you. When life becomes rough only then you will find your leadership, the quality you are born with. It is invisible but it is there inside you.


It’s me Himanshi. I am just like you. Sometimes lazy, sometimes doubtful and always quirky. But it’s the dream that keeps me going. Books and life have given me a world of knowledge and through "" I am returning what I received. Thinker by Heart, Writer by Soul.


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