We are discussing a few things that we can learn from children. If learning from giants is daunting then try stealing qualities from children. They teach us to smile, help and work ethics. Why only sleep like a baby when we can wake like them too? Wake up like them with focus.

Learn From Children

“We will install Wi-Fi in our home soon,” my tech lover grandpa kept saying this. It was a treat for a middle-class family of ours. Though a headache for my mother.
But before grandpa could connect our Wi-Fi to his phone, we lost our grandpa. Sad news but contentment of him meeting his wife in heaven was huge.

We got the Wi-Fi a month later and when it was the time for setting the password, my father struck to grandpa’s name, Gurutej. Grandpa’s Wi-Fi, so his password. But anyone would be able to crack it as the whole colony knew my grandpa’s wish and my father’s love for him.

While we were arguing about the password, my niece shouted, “Just reverse the name and use password JETURUG”.
We all agreed.

Here is the proof that sometimes children teach us so much with simplicity.

If you stop yourself from growing with an excuse that you can’t learn from the geniuses then begin learning from younger minds.

Children teach us so much (along with a good password).


Children smile on senseless, shameless situations, on strangers, on things, on animals and on everything. They not only smile but laugh when they fall and get up quickly. We can use this keep smiling formula whenever we fall. We would get up stronger and sooner.



No father is honest when he says that he is fearless but his kids are. Whatever thing comes to minds of children, they do it. No consideration of outcomes and no attention to doubters is given. Children are happy because they do what they want to do. And you too can.
If you can’t steal the ATM of fearlessness from your kid because of responsibilities then be a pick pocketer. But taste the fearlessness for once.



There is never any communication gap between children because they initiate, they talk. They complain, appreciate, cry and express.
Yes, this expression sometimes lands parents in embarrassments. But expressions are a part of child’s life.
We can copy them a bit. Jumping in joy when mom made good food like a child and crying our heart out to let the pain go.
Expression of emotions is not a show-off but human nature.


4) HELP:

If your mind has the brain then children’s brain has help in it. They are always willing to help people.
They are selfless in helping. My same password niece has shown his entire answer sheet to classmates in an exam because he needed help. I know we can’t be so selfless in helping but at least we can return the humanity to the world which our children are giving to it.


5) WORK:

Difficult to believe but children teach us work ethics better than any professional. They work being engrossed in the craft. They do not need solitude or concentration tools to be focussed. Watch your kid working and you will realise that they have more focus than adults. It is because they keep eyes on one task at a time.
People say “Sleep like a baby” but wake up and work like a baby. You’ll be surprised at your productivity.


These were a few things we can learn from children. Being their student would be fun. We are attending their school and hope to find you in the class.



1) Smile:  Smile because its free and would make your face fat free.

2) Fearless: Dumps the results, focus on doing the task.

3) Communicate: Let’s talk like children, express like children.

4) Help: If little hands can do so much for our world, why can’t us?

5) Work: Sleep like a baby work like them too.