Live now

Again our family trip was postponed due to upcoming conference at Papa’s office. It was now a ritual of every year. Trips getting postponed for something important and then being sad because of the cancelled plan.

To cheer our mood my mother made mango shake for all. It reminded me of one trip, our last trip to grandma’s home.

Summers were always exciting for us because we got a chance to meet grandma and live with her for a month. 30 days of fun, grandma’s stories, her finger licking food and play. Did I mention play? No, it was play, play and only play.

One evening my grandma made mango shake for her China. With my 5 aunts and their 11 children, our house was nowhere less than China.

My grandma served the shake with her sweet smile. The smallest member of our kid’s Battalion  Mini didn’t drink her mango shake while we gulped it in one go.

She was using the ancient technique of teasing siblings with special things when they had finished theirs. I used it a lot and you must have too.

A few minutes later she took up her glass from tray saying, “Now I will drink my mango shake like a Queen.”

But seconds later the glass slipped from her hands and fell on the floor.

She just got a drop of it that bounced from the floor touching her lips.

“I wish I had drunk it before,” she said.

This sounds similar to “I wish I had lived my life before.”

Isn’t it?

We keep postponing our dreams, life, trips, time for family etc, etc. I will do it after exams, after my project, after this month, after this year, after and never-ending afters.

Don’t wait for your life to end and time to fly. Why have a drop of life when you can sip glasses of it?

Realise now that this day is the better than any golden time you will get tomorrow.

Don’t wait to die to realize that you haven’t lived life. If you can’t spare hours then spare minutes but live. Do the things that dazzle your eyes.

Live. Live now.

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