Pursue dreams is an advice from Tara’s grandpa. It’s crafted with a magical touch by a magician. We all don’t have grandparents but Shine Infinite does not want you to be devoid of their wisdom. And, believe us your grandpa would advise you the same. Feel his wisdom.

“Will you come with me?” Tara’s grandpa asked.
“Where grandpa.”
“There is a magic show nearby. I am going there. You can come.”
“Magic show,” annoyed Tara murmured. Obviously, a 21-year-old girl doesn’t get excited because of a magic show. But she didn’t want to lose a chance to be with her grandpa, so she agreed.

They walked to the magic show. It was full of kids but seeing 3-4 other girls and boys of her age gave Tara a faint respite that she was not alone.

Before the show started, all the artists came on the stage and danced on their entry song.

“Hey Tara, how is your guitar practice going?” Grandpa asked, noticing an artist playing the guitar.
“It’s okay. I don’t get much time for my college grandpa. I will continue it after my college finishes.”
“Then you will have a job.”
“Hmmm.” “I should but no time. And what’s the hurry, I am just 21, I have a life to live. Big life.”
“Tara, would you come out with me?” grandpa asked.
“But why, the show will start soon.”
“I need to pee.”
“Kidding, I need to go outside. Come with me.”
“But show…?”
“You are anyway not interested in the show. You came because I asked you. Come we will go outside”.

They walked to a park in front of the magic show.

“Now, what grandpa. Any more surprises.”
“No, just sit on the grass. We’ll enjoy the weather”
“Grandma was right when she said that you are unpredictable.”

She did as she was asked & then gave a hand to her grandpa to sit.

“I thought you wanted to see the magic show.” She said while running her fingers through the grass.
“I did, but giving magic is better than seeing it.”
“I thought giving you a history of a magician would be better.”
“I hate history.” Her eyebrows raised.

“There was a magician named … ummm… ‘Magic’.”

“Magician named magic? That’s so lame grandpa. It’s like a doctor named doctor or a teacher named teacher.” She laughed.
“I also don’t remember the name. I didn’t want to break the flow, so magic.”
“Okay, Magic”

“So, the Magic had a blessing that he was a genius at magic and a curse that he had to perform his magic daily at a fixed time else he would die.”

“At what time?”
“Time, when the sun is about to set and the night is about to glow.”
“That’s easy. He was a genius so he would do his magic daily and live. Right?”

“No, the curse had a second part. To be able to do his magic at the fixed time he had to go to daily a river and drink a handful of river’s water. The river was far away & the road was ruined. But he did it daily and his magic too.”
“So, he lived. That’s it.”
“He lived but are you?”

“Tara, he was a genius in magic but even then he had to cover a long distance and do his share of hard work. You are talented, you know how to play the guitar well but if you don’t do required hard work, it’s all waste.”

“To live his life he had to do the magic and to be able to live the life of your dream, you have to pursue them. When you were 5 years old, I only heard you saying that you will become a rock star one day. Where is that Tara? Magic was his breathes, his lifeline. Why are not your dreams your breathe? How can you live without your dreams?  It’s okay if you don’t want to make it a career but you can nurture it as your hobby. He did magic because of the restriction of death but because you are not restricted and don’t have a time limit, it doesn’t mean that you can ignore your magic, ignore your dreams.”

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“That’s superb, who told you this story?”

“My father.”

“You too had a dream job?”

“No, it was my bedtime story.”

“I’ll pursue my dreams. Thanks, grandpa.”

“For story?”


“Common, I am passing you our family’s wisdom.”

“Thanks, grandpa.”

“No need Tara.”

“This one is for another thing,” she said. “Thanks for being my grandpa.”


It’s me Himanshi. I am just like you. Sometimes lazy, sometimes doubtful and always quirky. But it’s the dream that keeps me going. Books and life have given me a world of knowledge and through "shineinfinite.in" I am returning what I received. Thinker by Heart, Writer by Soul.


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    Sooooo nice ms. Story teller😊😊 it was superb…! ❤

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    it was amazing..u have so beautifully focused on the most integral thing of our life i.e. our dreams . it was so encouraging..loved it.

  3. Your writing style is like Virender Sehwag’s batting style. I love the way he plays and you write. Great. Keep it up. 👍☺️

  4. I love the way you write stories with a great message. Keep it up !!

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