"Did you notice the importance of today’s date? You won’t see it again. Do something, be it tiny or huge. Just respect today."


"If it is you who has to breathe to keep you alive, then it is again you who has to work to touch your dreams."


"Even the horrible beginnings have glorious ends. That's the power of starting."


"Don’t get fade away in the crowd. Come to the front and shine. Because it’s your shine that would dazzle the world."


"You can either complete your dreams or your sleep."


"Doing it and failing is better than fantasizing about your win without making any effort."


"Courage doesn’t lie in ignoring the past. It lies in your choice to stand up again whenever your past knocks you down and beat it even harder."


"Execution should immediately follow planning. Otherwise, the magic of planning dies."


"We spend thousands, searching for the best coach for us. Without realizing that yesterday’s mistakes were our true teacher."


"Achieving alone may look appealing but what’s the point of being at the top alone? The real fun is growing together."


"Getting dreams fulfilled is always a pleasure. But never forget that the incomplete dreams carry huge opportunities in them."


"Even if a tab does not open, we restart it. Then why not restart our lives."


"Honor the beautiful gift you have ‘time’ daily and the result will startle you."


What an irony... We can be awake till 12 am to see the winner of a reality show or fighting over petty issues. But when it comes to burning night at work, our body suddenly needs more sleep.


"Your dreams will become true soon. And your hard work is decreasing the distance between you and this ‘soon’."


"On our last day, it won’t be about our social status or bank balance. It would be about things our heart craved for. Dreams that we were making in a corner of our heart and thought that we would pursue them someday. Only some courageous one would be contented that day."


"A drop of liquid has infinite tiny drops in it. Imagine what infinities are you holding. You are bigger than the drop, larger than the infinity."


“You have all the flavors that are needed to cook a great life. And if you believe, soon your plate will have dreams on it. The dreams which became reality”


"A snail doesn't cry for not having wings to fly. Instead, it crawls to its destination. If you can't run to your goals then crawl but move."


“Being right doesn’t mean that you will be praised, nor does it mean people will be with you. But its all about the pride you’ll see in your eyes on your grave.”


“A beginning may seem insignificant now but its power resides in the gifts it shows later.”


“A Lion doesn’t get appointed for his job. He just pounces and snatches the things he wants.”


“The pain felt while holding hands of your dreams is nothing in front of despondency of deceiving your capabilities.”


“You may get the thing you wish for. But you will surely get the thing you work for.”


“Your real achievement is when you are going deep inside you touching all the layers of your potential day by day.”


“The guilt of having untouched potential is far more than the pain of sticking to your dreams.”


“Hard work done today will inspire you to strive more tomorrow.”


“Dreams making you. Breaking you. But never leaving you.”


"Quotes by Himanshi"