A few days ahead of 2019 while scrolling through some advance New Year wishes, you might have an urge to forge a New Year resolution. Be it lessening your phone usage or your belly size you must be hovering around some goals. Don’t worry if you haven’t framed your mind on what to choose from the vast New Year resolutions market. Here we have top 9 resolutions to adopt for an epic 2019. Customise a bit and your resolution is ready.

Resolutions to Adopt for an Epic 2019

Top 9 Resolutions to Adopt for an Epic 2019

Be an early bird-

You can’t buy time with money but you can snatch some hours from your sleep. This 2019 start rising up early. It is tough but more than that terrific and transforming.

Get fat to fit-

A New Year resolution to exercise is the hottest one. Do it for the trend or for yourself. In either way the only one benefiting is you.

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Take a passion plunge-

Why wait for another year to start following your passion? Imagine 2019 as your passion year and make it a New Year resolution to chase your passion a bit daily. This will cover your happiness as well. A superb deal, isn’t it?

Start tech fasts-

Agree to it or not we all behave as a leech around our phones, sticking hard and sucking technology till the battery dies. Earlier people needed fasts from eating; now the need is fast from texting. This year vow to go tech-free even it is for minutes. At your life’s end, it will matter how many people you made happy, not the number of your online friends. This year, go real!

Start your autobiography-

New Year 2019 Resolution

It is neither useless nor childish to write about your life. If you still have doubts about it, answer this question.

Which person would do great work with a smile, one who knows himself or one who doesn’t? One who knows himself, right? Only when we know ourselves, we can shed a real smile. And the easiest way to know you is to write about your life, success, failures, smiles and also tears.

Become a reader-

There is no working manual for life except books. You might be an A+ student in maths or history, but in life the only formula that works are tough and set impromptu. And like participating in an extempore, you will have to find your way straight at the moment of disasters. The only escape here to give you experience and a guide are the books, the autobiographies of legends or self-help books. It is a great New Year resolution for you to indulge in life learning from books.

Reset often-

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. But today all work and no rest makes us not only dull but lethargic also. This 2019 set a resolution to put some ‘Me time’ aside after your hard work. You can’t win when your energy is leaking. So keep your energy high with proper rests.

Get organized-

Another hack to get more time in your kitty and lessen your ‘What-the-hell’ moments is to resolve being organized this year. Start with organizing your mobile, laptops and take it to your workplace and the overloaded cupboards. More spacious is your environment, easier it is for the creative juices to flow.

Fix family time-

New Year Resolutions 2019

What is the fun in welcoming the year alone? Keep your loved ones close to you. The best New Year resolutions are those which knit a close family. And you will agree to this.

These were 9 resolutions to adopt for an epic 2019. But only you know the most useful resolutions for you, these are just some examples to give you a cue. Use these and figure out your one resolution that can shift your life to new heights.


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  1. Great post.. I am surely going to follow these tips.. Specially writing a journal and to follow my passion. All of these tips are really very effective. .. Thank you for sharing..

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