Shift in Perspective

Sometimes a small shift in perspective can leave a positive impact on life. Let’s see an incident that changed mine.

Shift in perspective

In the film, Kung Fu Panda’s father said, “There was no secret ingredient in his soup. You don’t have to add anything to make it special; you just have to believe that it is special.”

I was deeply touched by this thought. Simple yet profound. Then one day in the kitchen I realized that it was a thing my mother has been teaching me all the time.

While cooking any dish my priority was always to add spoons of spices to make it flavourful. Yet my mother stressed upon the use of minimal spices.

She would say, “You just need to add salt and some pepper, no packets of extra additives needed. The flavors come from the vegetables themselves.”

This is the thought that changed my perspective. You don’t need fancy accessories or brands to be special. Neither you need to add anything to you or copy others to be like them.

“You have all the flavors that are needed to cook a great life. And if you believe, soon your plate will have dreams on it. The dreams which became reality.”

I won’t say I was the Kung Fu Panda, but yes, my mom mirrored the perspective of his father.

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