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Pursue Dreams

Pursue dreams is an advice from Tara’s grandpa. It’s crafted with a magical touch by a magician. We all don’t have grandparents but Shine Infinite does not want you to be devoid of their wisdom. And, believe us your grandpa… Continue Reading →

The Sleeping Saint

A Saint dreams about the solutions to all your problems. He is the famous ‘The Sleeping Saint’. Shine Infinite can help you in visiting him and getting answers to your problems like Akash did. We have already booked your tickets,… Continue Reading →

Learn from Children

We are discussing a few things that we can learn from children. If learning from giants is daunting then try stealing qualities from children. They teach us to smile, help and work ethics. Why only sleep like a baby when… Continue Reading →

12 Excuses that You Should Say No Instantly

12 Excuses that you should say No Instantly     1) It’s time to say no to tiredness which is standing between you and your dreams. Stand against anything which limits you. 2) It’s time to say no to the… Continue Reading →

How to Find More Time

How to Find More Time “Sorry I couldn’t get time” is a common excuse for us. But would this excuse be valid if we are compromising on our dreams? Certainly not. To find more time is something we all search… Continue Reading →

An Extra Load

An Extra Load   “Hey, Aksha excited for the new school?” “Gurukul”, I replied cringing my nose. “Okay Gurukul, but it’s different. You would get a Guru there.” “That’s obvious papa to have a teacher in an educational institute. My… Continue Reading →

Life’s Recipe

Let us compare life with the dish and discover its recipe. Be ready with all your ingredients and forget about the past blunders of wrong dishes. Come and start cooking fresh. Sometimes you will fail at taste or cooking skills,… Continue Reading →

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