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Motivational Quotes

Confidence Quotes- To be Addicted to Achievements

Imagine two people. One is supremely talented, adept, well educated and relentless while the other is average, under-qualified and sometimes lazy. But when it comes to college placements, the later makes it to an interview, because he is confident. He… Continue Reading →

Inspirational Quotes About Life

“Sometimes the only thing that heals the heart is a glimpse of inspirational quotes about life.” Your IQ is more important than your IQ. Confused? Let me explain this. Your inspired quotient is more important than your intelligence quotient. Because… Continue Reading →

50 Success Quotes to Make Success Your Reality

Your current situation could be anything, poverty, misery, failure or hopeless. But it doesn’t mean that success can’t be your reality. Many legends have created success from poverty and tough circumstances and you too. Wise words of successful people have… Continue Reading →

10 Motivational Quotes to Inspire You

Fueling yourself with motivation is the first step to conquer your goals and achieve dreams. A mind full of motivation will fulfill your goals in any season. Motivation becomes the umbrella when sorrow hits, gives you warmth when you feel… Continue Reading →

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