“It is not when dreams become a part of life; it is when dreams own your life, that you become the best version of you. Do not dream small. Make dreams giants that drive you and your life.”

“That’s all, for now, see you people after the break,” announced Aniha.

The class dispersed, students began chatting with each other and some had their food.

“I like your dream’s concept,” said Vibhor.

“I would appreciate if you use it too, Vibhor,” Aniha replied.

“I have used it in my painting and you have seen it too.”

“Everyone loved it. The designing team wants you to make one more, same but a bigger one. We would put it near the entrance. It might fetch you buyers Mr. Painter.”

“And students for you, Miss Teacher.” replied Vibhor. “OK, I will paint it till the next class.”

“Next and the last one .”

On the next week, they had their last class.

Aniha began the class in the auditorium. Students looked the same as they all wore the t-shirt distributed them before the class.

A small token of memory by their teacher.

It was a white T-shirt with ‘dreams’ printed above the rainbow in seven colors on it.

Aniha too wore the t-shirt on her denim jeans. But she still has a t-shirt left to be given. Vibhor hadn’t arrived then.

For the first time in her teaching career, she fumbled several times during the class. Though she managed to cover it,

still saying ‘drink before you sleep’ rather than ‘dream before you sleep not while sleeping’ made everyone laugh.

After 2 hours they stopped for the break. She went outside and sat on the same chair. She and Vibhor have been sitting there since he came to her sessions 3 months ago.

On the first class, each of the tables was occupied accept hers. Students might hesitate sitting across their teachers but they both were of the same age. He had been a fan of her motivational sessions for long and she also adored his paintings.

“I am sorry I couldn’t attend the class, the painting took the time.”Vibhor placed the painting on the table.”

“That’s okay, I am glad you came”

“Me too”

“I know you won’t like this t-shirt but don’t at least throw it.” she stretched her hands towards him, with the t-shirt over it.

“It’s beautiful”

“It’s beautiful because your painting was beautiful.” she replied, “but I hope you don’t sue me for using your painting without getting its copyright.”

“I haven’t thought about that, but it is not a bad idea. Using it I could get huge money from leading motivational speaker.”

“Ya ya, that’s funny. You know I also got your name printed on the t-shirt. You deserved something special than other students.”

“But why so?”

“Because you are a painter and painters are special, every artist is special,” she replied. “Sorry but I have to leave now.

I have to look for some arrangements of your class. Last class has to be a memorable one.” she stood up to leave.

“I’ll just take 2 minutes Aniha, please sit again,” said Vibhor. “Let me make this last class memorable”.

“Since birth, I haven’t listened to anyone but when I came here and so you speaking I felt as if I was born to listen to you. You make me complete. You are the voice that my heart hears. I do not know if you find this love complete or not but, I love you.”

Aniha knew that it will not be their last meeting. And he gave her the way to meet again.

“You were always complete and so are we.”

They both blushed. Aniha tried to change the topic.

“I think you should wear this t-shirt now, everyone is wearing it.”

He wore the t-shirt over his blue round neck t-shirt. And they both walked towards the auditorium. On the back of the t-shirt was written: “You do not need to speak or hear to grow.”

Aniha looked at his painting and said,”It complements my teachings.”

“And, you complement me,” said Vibhor.

The picture was hung near certificate given to Aniha by ‘Life’ an NGO working for the deaf people. The certificate read:

“In spite of being mute, she is doing an exceptional work by giving knowledge to deaf people. She is a true leader completing her life and of others too. ”

Her mother used to say that education gives everything and knowledge make you complete. And that day by giving knowledge she got her love, a complete love.


It’s me Himanshi. I am just like you. Sometimes lazy, sometimes doubtful and always quirky. But it’s the dream that keeps me going. Books and life have given me a world of knowledge and through "shineinfinite.in" I am returning what I received. Thinker by Heart, Writer by Soul.


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