Dugdug, a cute elephant is here to rescue you from productivity problems. His mother gives us ‘The Dugdug Theory‘. This theory teaches that not everything is readymade for us, sometimes we have to put the efforts. Meet Dugdug and grow. you can share this story with your children.

Everyone was congratulating Naina, the emperor of PowerPoint presentations for delivering another effective PPT. A few minutes later the colleagues went to their desks and Asha came near her.

“Hey congrats, how do you do that?”

“ I mean a great work every time.”

“Because I am talented.” Naina joked.

“Of course, I know that but how do you manage to get everything in the PPT. The data is sometimes impossible to find but your project and PPT have everything. How you keep yourself motivated to research”, Asha asked.

“It’s because of ‘The Dugdug theory.’

“What’s that? A theory by Dugdug?  Don’t tell me that the scientist’s name is Dugdug.”

“I agree but it works.”

“Okay then explain it to me.”


“Let’s begin ‘The Dugdug Theory,” Naina said.

One day Dugdug was watching a football match. He suddenly went to her mother and said, “Mom, I want to eat football.”

“What? Are you sure this Dugdug is a scientist.” Asha said.

“No, he is an elephant or better son of an elephant,” Naina replied.

“Is it relevant with your PPT?”

“Of course, just keep listening”

Dugdug’s mother was also confused like you when he demanded a football to eat.

“You can’t eat a football. I think you know that Dugdug.” His mother said.

“I am talking about the football candy mom. You know it’s big, really big. And it should be eaten in one bite. Put it in your mouth and then enjoy. It’s just yummy. First salty then sweet. I want to eat it. Now”

“But it’s 10 p.m. No shop would be open for now.”

“I want it, Mumma”

“I’ll get it in morning. Promise”

Dugdug switched off the TV and with sunk face went for sleeping.

A little bit later her mother entered the room.

“Get up Dugdug.”

“I am sleeping.”

“Get up baby, I have something for you. Get up quickly and open your mouth.”

“You got football.” His eyes beamed.


Dugdug woke up and she stuffed the ball into his mouth.

“I don’t think that there is anything inspiring here.” Asha pointed.

“Wait for it my friend, patience.”

“It’s not football Mumma, but it’s good”

“Yes, Dugdug. It’s a tomato. I slit it and put some spices.”

“But no football.”

He was sad.

“Look, son, you won’t always find everything you need. Sometimes you have to mix & match and get the thing you want. Not everything is readymade for us, sometimes we have to put the efforts. And also, feel happy even if the result is not perfect. It’s the effort that matters.

” I love this candy Mumma,” Dugdug said.

“Got the point Naina.” Asha said.

“Okay, lets hit the canteen now. I am really hungry. Do you know what’s in the menu?” Naina asked.

“Tomato…no, a football.” Asha laughed.