Time is priceless. We know it but do we follow it? A story how time was born will make you realise that your time is priceless. And once you realise it 10 working ways for superb time management would be easy to apply. It is easier to save time than it seems. A story that tells time management importance. Time deserves all the respect.

Time is priceless

Before you, I and even the time were born there lived people. They were different than us in language, colour, creed and traditions but they had a similar heart. Food was not like ours. Neither were the chores. They ate the light of gems like diamonds, ruby, pearls and gems gave them life. In the morning the gem’s light showered its energy on them and in the night it gifted the peace to sleep deeply.

They knew their death time. For them to die then, humans would be born 100 years later. Their prophet had foretold it. The wise feared not their death but the fate of gems.

They wanted to pass the gems to humans. But in the gap of a hundred years, all the precious stones could be broken and lost.

The prophet gave the solution.

Break all the gems into pieces and make something new. They named it Time.

Diamond became years, Topaz became months, Pearl got the minutes, Emerald was called as hours and Ruby got the name of seconds.

To let humans born, they died. The prophet said his last words,
“We are giving humans Time, the most precious commodity than any gem. But only some will use it wisely like us. Only some will use it and get energy from it in the morning. Only some will have a sweet sleep because of being tired by a fulfilled work. They all will run towards the shiny stones but won’t realise even the second going by could be equal to diamonds if they start respecting it. They won’t respect time like we did. And this will be their death.”

Time is priceless, let’s begin treasuring it.

Time management skills won’t work unless you try to make it work. Just pour tiny efforts and get terrific returns.

10 Working Ways for Superb Time Management

10 Working Ways for Superb Time Management

1. Bound to boundaries-

To make time management possible bound your each and every task to boundaries. Do not work vaguely.

In spite of finishing something till the evening schedule it at an exact time. If you know you have to finish work at 6 p.m., then after 5 p.m. You will have jitters to finish it on time.

Scheduling for the evening doesn’t work because you won’t realise how much the time you have lost. From afternoon to evening and evening to night time will walk fast leaving you behind.

2. Planning is never a waste-

If you think planning and scheduling is a waste then you are the one who won’t give minutes in planning but waste hours in deciding what to do first while switching between tasks.

Come on! Would you waste time in the confusion of what to do next?

Grow up!

Plan a small task, big meetings, calls, events, email timing and everything you spend time upon. Few minutes will save your days.

Don’t forget to schedule your phone use. That beeping device is the top sinner of failing your time management skills.

Plan months, days and hours with the mind focused on saving time. When your mind is aimed, the actions are certain to follow it.

Give some room of flexibility and gaps in your schedule. You are not a machine to do things based on the clock. But don’t go easy on you. Flexibility is one thing and ignorance is the other. Always follow your plan.

3. ‘No’ is sweeter than ‘oh sh*t’ –

Say no to anyone who dares to steal your time away else your time management skills will be useless.

Say no to notifications, gossipers, unwanted calls, negative people and say yes to time management.

Be shameless in saying a no else having no time will hit you soon.

4. Be persistent, not perfect –

What if a teacher after finding two ways to solve a question spends hours to find a one or two more?

It would be just a misbalance in time management.

If a blogger shifts from morning to evening to perfect one written line then he/she is not productive but crazy.

Be cautious about putting in time in details. Be watchful enough to be persistent and productive.

Quality matters but not at the cost of dumping the time.

5. Put brakes on breaks –

Your time leaks when you have limitless brakes. Be disciplined. A lunch for half an hour should be of half an hour only.

6. Don’t waste hours for the little delay –

If the beginning of task is decided at 10 am and you start at 10:05 or 10:10, then don’t postpone it to a perfect time at 11:00 am.

Wasting further 50 minutes because of you lose first 10 isn’t a time management skills.

Postponing work to 11 am isn’t perfect but starting at 10:10 is.

“Your efforts make the time perfect not the hands of the clock.” – Himanshi

7. Go with goals not flow-

Sudden party invitations, your favourite movie on the TV or arrival of a distant relative in between of your scheduled work, these are all a test for you. The test is “Are you faithful to your work?

You are free to cheat on your schedule and go with the life’s flow. But again put the brake on breaks. Else you will fail in the test and time management.

8. Find your productivity zone-

In the morning or at night, on your table or in a casual environment, wearing formal suits or pajamas, find where your productivity is high and stick to it.

Know yourself to make a better you.

Also look for the habits that are a base of your time management skills. Be it the habit be waking up early, beginning with work even when the mood is off or exercising to get energy, find it.

Go deep in following time management except wearing pajamas in your big meetings if being comfortable is your idea of productivity.

9. You can work less with awesome results –

The focus is your warrior that would take less time to work but produce similar or even better results.

Won’t it would be great to finish an hour work in 20 minutes?

Raise your concentration, remove the unwanted clutter, put aside all the distractions and get amazed by knowing how fast you can finish your work.

Meditation, concentration increasing activities like staring at a spot or a candle or breathing exercises, these are your hidden tools that strengthen time management skills.

10. Applications can help but…

The reason time management and productivity apps don’t work because they turn out to be a further chance to use your phone. A little self-restriction and be a pro at time management.

Apps like Forest, Todait, and sites like Toggl work but it requires efforts from your side.

“Be the one uses phone don’t be used by it.” – Himanshi

Wrapping up 10 working ways for superb time management. When you have read then apply them to fullest. Because it’s a waste not to use the gems of wisdom you already know.


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