Our name is our identity but does a funny name takes your respect? No. Dugdug wants to change his funny name but what his mother replies a thing to teach your kids too. Read the story ‘What is in the name’ and give your kids the same wisdom that Dugdug got.

What is in the Name

Dugdug came home dancing because of the upcoming picnic organised by the school.

“Mom I have made an entire list of food I will take to the picnic. We will go today to the supermarket and buy everything.
Candies, chocolates, wafers, chips. And you can make your special football candy too.”

“Okay okay! Calm down. Go and change your school uniform Dugdug. Lunch is ready.” Her mother said switching off the gas knob.

“Mom I have to fill the picnic form. I need your help.”

“First lunch, then form.”



“Please, it’s my first picnic form. First form.”

“Okay, show it to me.”

Dugdug took out his form, neatly folded in a half from his book.

His mother took the form and stretched over the kitchen slab.

“No! Mom, not in the kitchen. My form would get stained from food.”

Her mother smiled. Her child was so excited for the picnic.

“Okay, let’s go to the study table,” she said.

“I need to write first my name on the form,” Dugdug said looking at the form.
“Write then.”


“Mom, can I change my name?” Dugdug asked.

“But why?”

“It’s like a kid’s name.”

“Because you are a kid Dugdug. A seven years old kid.”

“But Mumma, it’s kiddish. Can’t I change my name to something stylish?”


“Look at my classmate’s names, Ikaara, Fizaan, Siraay. You know Siraay? He is so stylish.”

“There is nothing in name Dugdug. Yours is cute if not stylish.”

“But our name is everywhere. In the attendance register, in copy and see in this form. Even my teacher sometimes smiles calling me Dugdug.”

“If I had a nice name, animals would respect me, not laugh at me.”

“Who is the most respected animal in our forest?”

“The owl, grandpa owl.”

“And what’s his name?”


“Is it stylish?”


“So why is he respected so much?”

“Because he is intelligent and helps everyone.”

“See my Dugdug is smart to know this.”

“Baby it’s not the name but our character that is respected. There is nothing in the name. Even if someone has a name of God and does evil things, he is hated by everyone. We gave you this name because you were very cute since birth and I wanted you to preserve this Innocence even after you grow up. Your name is the reminder to you to be innocent always.”

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“Wow! There is a message behind my name. Thanks, mom.”

“Love you my baby, my Dugdug.”

“Love you too mum and now I love my name too.”


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  1. Dugdug Rocks! A great story. We can get fame without a good name.

  2. yes, that’s the rule of this world, A person is respected by his character not by his name. Superb story

  3. Brilliant mind. Every parent should follow your blog for their kids.

  4. rashi mudgal Reply

    a great message for everyone especially for kids,sweet story.

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