Parle is set to lay off 10,000 employees. Zomato, too,  is firing over a hundred workers. Any other company could be the next on the list, thanks to the economic slowdown.

Because of the fear of layoff, whenever a new email arrives or the boss comes to the desk, the first thing that comes in an employee’s mind is, “I am getting laid off.”

The situation is heartbreaking but you can shield yourself from a layoff.

Yes! You can avoid a layoff.

No company would ever lose someone who brings value to work. Follow Robert Green who said, “The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in a creative way.”

Level up your skills and you won’t have to worry about layoff ever!

Which Skills Should You Focus on to Avoid Layoff

Which Skills Should You Focus on to Avoid Layoff

1) Add Never-seen Value:

Everyone remembers people who are attentive to little details. Pour unexpected value into every project you get.

And don’t stick to office hours, work more. Your perseverance will avoid a layoff. Pain and gain go hand in hands.

2) Give up Gossiping:

Stop being with people whose favourite office time is gossiping near the water cooler. Forget entertainment and in the break-time work on your craft.

3) Embrace Change:

Be the first to adapt to changes. Inertia is a thing you need to reskill to avoid a layoff. Keep updating your work ethics and knowledge.

Be the first one to tell everyone about the latest trend in your industry. Learning always pays off!

4) Be a Little Extrovert:

Introverts are producers but they also need to be heard and seen.

Expand your network, work on your public relations, speak up in the meetings and show that you exist. A little self-promotion never hurts. 

5) Rule Your Field

Own your field as a genius. Go deep and learn everything.

Be a teacher sometimes. Grab the opportunity to teach colleagues.


If your boss knows you are improving the performance of others, your name would be on promotion list not on the layoff list.

6) Brush Your Leadership Skills:

Every layoff has a hierarchy. On top of this hierarchy are leaders. And they don’t suffer layoffs.

Show your leadership skills especially in the crisis. Reskill it to be far away from a layoff situation. Leaders are always in demand.

Leadership: The Quality You Are Born With

7) Tap on Creativity:

Creativity repels layoffs. Don’t just think out of the box, think like there is no box.

Experiment with ideas a lot. Be the scientist of your team!

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8) Be Fit:

When layoff lists are made lethargic and lazy people are the first to be on it. Be superfit.

Go to the gym next time it calls you!

9) Love Pressure:

Be the one who works exceptionally under pressure. This will add years to your job.

How to do it?

Get into pressurizing situations. Dhoni handles pressure like a pro because he has been doing it for years.

Practice matters!

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10) Produce Solutions:

You have to solve the company’s problems to solve your layoff problem.

When everyone would be saying why it won’t work, be the leader who finds how to make it work. Focus on ‘How’ not ‘Why.

11) Volunteer:

Volunteer to do new projects. Courage is always respected in an organisation.

12) Be you:

Be authentic!

Voice what you believe, not what everyone says. A different idea doesn’t mean it’s stupid.

Wrapping up, the final skill you need is being active. Don’t postpone working on your skills till you get solid news of layoff. Being late can mean losing your job.




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  1. Agree with your 11th point, Positivity or a positive attitude is necessary to impress other colleagues. btw, Great work, appreciate your efforts.

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